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Top 5 New Social Sites, have you heard about them yet?

27 May, 2011

We have heard all about social signals recently, its been made clear that this is THE way to drive all of us more business, whether its to gain a higher rank or simply engage with our customers.

I keep mentioning Facebook and Twitter, you could add Digg and Tumblr, but it’s time to review 5 of the newest social buzz sites!

1. Cheap Labour –

This is a very simple site, everything you buy costs $5 and everything you sell earns you $5, fiverr is awesome for fun but also fab for getting things done!

This is a great example of social freelancing, people will do almost anything for $5 it would seem, from being a voice over on a video for you, supplying a picture of themselves with your brand to interpreting your dream!

You can add “requests” i.e. suggest something that you would pay $5 for. All in all it’s a fun well thought through site and could well be the future of social freelancing, one to watch!

With a great idea from viperchill I decided to experiment! Here’s what happened :-

If you can’t see the video check it out here Jonny Ross’s Social Freelancing Video

2. Want to get your project of the ground? –

This is a service that allows people to pledge funds for your projects, usually for something in return.

If you have an idea but need the money, here is an idea for your idea, put it out to the world and let the world have a say, instead of a board room or a business person!

Kickstarter wants to Fund and follow creatvitity

Users can post a plea for their projects and anyone can support them with a financial pledge in exchange the project creator gives donors a reward or unique experience, like a signed memento.
Kickstarter wont give the money until all the funds have been raised. To date its supported more than 20,000 projects and raised more than $50 million dollars.

You can see some current popular projects right now!

3. Storenvy

Storenvy is a social shopping marketplace for discovering great stuff from real people. They provide sellers with a free and easy way to set up funky online stores. Whilst allowing shoppers to interact with sellers and each other through an very clever marketplace.

Storenvy is doing for e-commerce what Tumblr has done for blogging — making it more accessible and more social. Users can like products, follow stores, make smooth transactions and buy from multiple stores at the same time!

Another great feature they offer is a Facebook store tab that allows sellers the possibility to start selling from their Facebook page.
And you got the part that it’s totally free, right?

4. This or That

Want feedback, an opinion or a vote on any topic, then create a “TOT” now at ThisorThat . This is a site that is user-driven to offer opinions on anything and everything.

5. BuzzFeed

Their strap line is

“We feature the kind of things you’d want to pass along to your friends”

Much like Digg it’s a place for people to suggest big topic content, content that is about to go viral or is viral right now, you can find the most viral items in the past week very easily

BuzzFeed is very quirky and has a young fresh feel, with categories like “LOL,” “Geeky,” “WTF,” and “OMG.” .

For further advice on social signals, crowdsourcing, social medial and more contact Have you found any cool sites recently? I’d love to hear about them and you thoughts on any of the above so please comment below!

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