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SEO Audits, Campaigns and SEO Consultancy from Linkbuilding to Content writing and technical analysis

There are two sides to search engine optimisation (SEO)


  • Keywords and Content
  • Userability
  • Technical Aspect


  • Reviews
  • Reputation
  • Trust

In all of our SEO services we apply the following key principles

  • Use common sense
  • Make it easy for google to understand you
  • Make content popular

We offer


When it comes to SEO audits, and google optimisation many agencies require their clients to sign up to a six or 12-month SEO campaign contract from the outset, and the cost of their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audit is packaged up within this, and promoted as a “free” SEO audit.

We don’t believe in tying clients in to a monthly retainer before they have seen the results of their SEO audit. Until the audit has been done, we don’t know how well your website is currently performing. You might simply need a couple of inexpensive tweaks, rather than a full SEO campaign.

That’s why we don’t tie our SEO audit clients in with a retainer fee. We charge for our SEO audits as a separate, one-off activity. This gives you more freedom to decide what’s best for you and your website, once you’ve seen the outcome of the report. And you are under no obligation to undertake any further work with us if you choose not to.

We believe in empowering clients with the knowledge to fully understand how their website performs and how to get the best out of it. That is why we take pride in producing SEO audits that go way over and above the industry average in terms of the level of analysis and research we do, and the level of detail in our recommendations. Our audits contain enough information for you to go ahead and make many of the changes required to your website yourself, if you want to.

We analyse on a much deeper level than the standard automated analysis tools do, checking everything on your site to the nth degree, and looking for as many boxes as possible to tick for high performance in Google. Our SEO audits include competitor analysis, keyword research (standalone cost £175+vat) and a benchmark report. We ensure basics like Google Web Toolkit and Google Analytics are set up correctly, and also look at website usability with a human eye.

Some clients may choose to go with a competitor who quotes them a cheaper price or gives them a “free” SEO audit as part of a retainer contract. And that’s totally fine. We stand by our belief in the value of our SEO audits, as we know how much work goes into them and how valuable our clients find them. Honesty, integrity and 100% transparency are amongst our core values. And that’s why we want to be upfront about our pricing policy. Our SEO audits start from £497+vat depending on the size of your website.

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