google search bar

What does a Google search reveal about your business?

The first thing new clients do is check you out online. What they see can mean the difference between winning a contract and never hearing from them again.

Whether you are active online or not, people will be talking about your brand: on social media, on news and review sites, and on blogs. It is important that you are aware of your online reputation and are actively involved in maintaining it.

Are you being haunted by a bad review or some old and unfair negative media coverage? Or do you receive great reviews and feedback that aren’t being picked up by Google?

Think of ORM as the search engine optimisation (SEO) of positive content about your brand. The process involves engaging with negative comments to turn them round and creating your own content that best showcases your brand. The more high quality content you put out, the less significant that one bad review becomes.

Our ORM package includes a range of different activities that ensure your business ranks highly on search engines for the right reasons.