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PPC, Google Adwords, Remarketing and Online Advertising

Our specialist pay per click management services focus on maximising ROI through well crafted PPC campaigns. All creative and campaign activity is carefully planned, implemented, monitored and optimised to ensure it returns value for our clients and delivers on objectives.

Fleek Marketing is a Google Partner and our pay per click approach focuses firmly on delivering more conversions for less spend.

PPC Strategy

  • We ensure that our ads provide exactly what the target audience wants.
  • We use different advertising platforms to reach everyone who is interested in your products.
  • We choose the best campaign types to achieve your goal.
  • We work to gain as much traffic as possible for less spend. The best way to achieve a good conversion rate is to target the right audience with a timely and relevant ad, and this is the principle we work on.
  • Google rewards advertisers whose landing pages offer great user experience by assigning a higher quality score. If a landing page is highly engaging, informative and relevant to ad copy and the search query each click will cost less and be more profitable.

We offer:

  • Campaign creation and set up including creative ad copy.
  • Target focused optimisation
  • Regular email updates
  • Regular performance report with recommendations


To deliver

  • Instant targeted traffic, quick results
  • Target keywords & phrases on the first page of google
  • High return on investment rates


A typical campaign involves the following:

  • Selecting the keywords
  • creating different ad groups
  • write adverts
  • selecting bids


We then optimise towards

  • click through rate
  • cost per click
  • quality score
  • goals on site


To do this we do the following on a daily basis:

  • try and test different keywords
  • optimise mobile vs desktop
  • add and edit call extensions
  • try different ad copy
  • add negative keywords
  • optimise time of day/ day of week
  • create different ad groups so we can compare performance
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