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We believe content is at the heart of all digital marketing campaigns. Take the blog 5 top tips on how to win in google. This becomes 5 tweets for twitter. A poll/question on Facebook, a set of images on Instagram, a debate on LinkedIn a viral video for Youtube and a story on snapchat. Content whether it be weekly blogs, in-depth well researched whitepapers and reports all feed all your online digital marketing activity.


Content is the most important part, it of course also feeds your SEO, with the use of keywords and quality score for PPC.


We enable you to put meaningful content calendars together that feed into blog and social calendars. Calendars are linked to your target audience, their personas and are there to ensure you are thinking of call to actions, keywords, being resourceful, helpful and engaging. This gives you the plan, so whether we are running the campaign for you or you are doing it yourself, should you get a free hour on a Friday afternoon, you can look at the plan and write next months blog as you already have done the hard work detailing what is it, who it is for and what will be in it!


Examples of blog and social campaigns are below


Social media platform campaigns


Typically, our full social media management package includes the development of a social media strategy, full handling of two key platforms (content generation, posting and interactions), as well as monthly analytics and reporting.

Full research would be undertaken on relevant topics to generate and publish a range of content written to appeal to your specific target audiences, and designed to optimise engagement and reach of your posts, whilst also driving traffic to the website.

We would work towards increasing engagement by carrying out daily activity on social platforms as well as using tools such as Twitter lists to identify and engage with relevant accounts.

Typically, for social media management, we would:

  • Create branded and targeted content for platforms, written, approved and scheduled one week in advance. Typically this would be up to three posts per day per platform. We are extremely proactive with scheduling, however, we are also extremely reactive and this is by no means a minimum or maximum. The number of posts per day on social media is tailored specifically to the account and the platforms.
  • Carry out relevant Twitter hour research. Twitter hours are hashtags that trend on either a daily or weekly basis and are effective in increasing engagement and starting conversations around a relevant topic, with a relevant audience.
  • Create and manage Twitter lists (where relevant). These would be used primarily to help engage and promote relevant content. Twitter lists are a great tool to aggregate content from other profiles. They can be kept private or public, and can be used to generate leads, increase traffic to a website, increase followers as well as increase engagement. Once created, we would then monitor the list, engaging with target accounts where suitable and re-tweeting and
    favouriting posts.
  • Carry out proactive, daily engagement with key target lists, spending time each day managing the platforms.
  • Source and repost relevant images. This would be carried out as part of the daily engagement on the account. Image sourcing is done whilst we are creating the content each week, to ensure that there is an accompanying image for the majority of the posts on Facebook and Twitter (proven to increase engagement and reach of posts).
  • Create rich content, such as Boomerang clips and animated images. This is something that we would do per week, per platform. Typically we would look to post one or two Boomerang clips or animated images per week, and these could be used across both platforms.
  • Schedule pre-approved content for both Twitter and Facebook. This would typically be up to three posts per day, per platform and would be scheduled the week before.
  • Be active, daily on social media, creating engagement, interactions, responses, and forwarding on relevant messages and notifications. Although we schedule the posts, as discussed above, we also spend time daily on each platform, looking for new opportunities, creating conversations and engagement.


Blog content campaign


A monthly blog campaign delivers onsite SEO to drive organic traffic. Organic traffic delivers a low volume (but sustained) long term funnel, capturing new customers searching online for office space.

A regular blog has several benefits for a website. Blogs generate a wealth of regular self-published content for social media, showcasing your expertise and driving traffic back to your website. Managing a blog is also great for SEO, as search engines love regularly-updated, high quality, keyword-rich content – and thus will reward you with higher search engine rankings.

Typically, on any onsite blog campaign, we would:

  • ensure the message and brand voice is identified and held throughout all blog posts
  • carry out keyword research analysis
  • establish a system to ensure a content calendar is written and approved 3 months in advance
  • ensure all blogs are pre-approved before posting
  • ensure blogs are fully optimised for SEO
  • include a clear call to action for the user to follow for each blog
  • ensure blogs are written with key target audiences in mind
  • deliver each blog with suggested social content
  • We would work with you to coordinate content, manage the blog scheduling, posting, promotion and bookmarking. One blog can easily be turned into several tweets or Facebook posts which subsequently drive traffic from social back to the website.
  • advise, guide and offer suggested posts

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