Viral Videos For Viral Results

If you are on track and ready to take on the Web, it is about time you also create online videos that aim to promote your e-business site. Fleek Marketing will manage and create new ways for you to marketing products ultimately creating viral videos; you might just get viral traffic results as well.

Because technology has allowed video production to be so easy, using viral videos would be good, the only bit that challenging is to produce them. To serve as guide and an overview of what Fleek Marketing can do and how we will use viral videos to your e-commerce website’s advantage, take a look at the following:


Video Content Planning Stage
Like everything, the planning stage is very important. We take into account your need and desires for video contents especially the projection of your products to potential customers based on videos. Decide if you want the video to only sell products or if it should show other aspects such as the company values etc.

Determining the specifics that you wish to put in your videos is very important in giving the right impression to potential clients watching.

What Your Video Contents Should Have
E-commerce websites have two main classifications- the ones that sell products and the ones that offer services.

Video Marketing for Products:

  • People with the products are very often used and you could still do so for your videos but Fleek Marketing will make sure that it does not blend into the background because injecting humor and other emotions would also be appropriate.
  • Customer testimonials on video should be merged together. The testimonials have always been effective in convincing potential customers. Of course, ask for possibilities of filming the testimonial videos at workplaces of clients to serve with more credibility.
  • Tell a story that potential clients can relate to. By injecting appropriate emotions into the videos, it could win the sympathy of clients.

Video Marketing for Services:

  • Film the team in action. A typical day at work of your associated will convince clients that your services would be something to rely or depend on.
  • A video dedicated or equivalent to the “About Us” page is important. When potential clients see the physical location of your workplace as well as the vision, mission and goals of the company.
  • Turn your FAQs page into a video. When a person is actually answering the questions, the answers tend to be more credible.