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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram Paid Social Media Advertising

Why doesn’t Facebook automatically show you the relevancy score of your ad?

We wondered they same thing, the answer, because Facebook just want to shout about how much reach and how many impressions you are getting so that you spend more money with them! We know that relevancy score is so important and we optimise towards this and many other metrics to ensure you ads are not only relevant, engaging but also bring you the best ROI!

Paid advertising drives a high volume, short term funnel to quickly deliver new, pre-qualified leads to specific landing pages. In order to achieve this, Fleek Marketing recommends investing in social advertising. Facebook and LinkedIn advertising allows for highly specific targeting and will give the best return on investment. The initial campaign will also generate useful data for future targeting and campaigns, ensuring budgets are spent in the areas most likely to achieve maximum ROI and impact.

All creative and campaign activity is carefully planned, implemented, monitored and optimised to ensure it returns value for our clients and delivers on objectives.

Fleek Marketing would set up, manage and optimise the campaigns for you. We will utilise our digital expertise to ensure your campaigns are continually optimised, to help you to achieve the best possible results from the campaign.

We will try well crafted different variations on content, targeting, timing etc and monitor traffic and conversions for different combinations – so that we can collect data on which combinations deliver the best traffic and conversions – to inform future targeting and campaigns.

We’ll provide a full report at the end of each month with recommendations that we can discuss with you and implement immediately.

Before we switch any campaigns on, the landing pages will need to be optimised. This should include a review of content to ensure it supports the campaign goals and promotes engagement.

Our Strategy

  • We ensure that our ads provide exactly what the target audience wants.
  • We choose the best campaign types to achieve your goal.
  • We work to gain as much traffic as possible for less spend. The best way to achieve a good conversion rate is to target the right audience with a timely and relevant ad, and this is the principle we work on.
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram reward advertisers whose adverts and landing pages offer great user experience by assigning a higher relevancy score. If a ad and landing page is highly engaging, informative and relevant to the audience each click will cost less and be more profitable.

We offer:

  • Campaign creation and set up including creative ad copy.
  • Regular performance report with recommendations

To deliver

  • Instant targeted traffic, quick results
  • Target adverts in target audience’s timelines
  • High return on investment rates
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