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Marketing Strategy, Consultancy and Being that Critical Friend

Is it a strategy you need? Is it a mentor? Or do you need an ongoing critical friend?

We offer a number of different types of marketing consultancy, from one off projects, where we run strategy workshops. To a fixed number of days per month where we are your critical friend ensuring that you are on point (on fleek!) to your plan, goals, organisation objectives and are engaging your audiences and getting a return in investment.

Strategy workshops include the following to help you with your marketing and social strategy.

The strategy and planning workshop provides a strong starting point for any new campaign. These workshops generate lots of good ideas and give a clear focus for everyone involved. We would discuss all stages of the marketing process, and the outcomes from the workshop will set out the digital strategy moving forward.

Depending on your overall aims and current position, through the strategy workshop, we will explore your current activity and give guidance on the platforms and tactics that will best achieve success.

Your strategy workshop will consider:

  • All aspects of your marketing and business development strategy
  • Your target audiences and customer journey
  • Identifying your current buyer personas
  • Key messages for each persona, overcoming barriers to purchase
  • Your products, services and USPs
  • Your competitors and relative positioning in the marketplace
  • Sales tactics and current activities
  • Reviewing your current online presence
  • Team skills and internal resources audit


Additional considerations:

These will be touched upon during the workshop and we will provide suggestions and guidance for you in the follow up report:

  • Brand positioning – explore considerations and provide direction on the decision-making process for setting up a new brand/sub brand, including looking at your brand story and heritage marketing/positioning
  • Targeted messaging and calls to action for trade (push marketing) and retail (pull marketing) customers
  • Targeted messaging for the different geographical areas, based on what you tell us about the preferences and behaviours of the different customer groups
  • Organic social and paid social campaigns (eg Facebook advertising) – we’ll explain the difference between the tactics and how to use the different approaches to achieve the best results for your goals
  • Reviewing current Facebook activity – looking at reach, engagement, reviews etc


We can deliver follow up training to develop team knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver the strategy

Follow up training will then be delivered in order to ensure your team has the required digital skills and knowledge to implement the marketing plan created. We will lead a separate training workshop for the team. The session would be designed to:

  • upskill your team on the required digital tactics, tools and techniques to deliver the plan
  • provide sufficient hands on experience to give confidence in using the tools
  • give insights into running promotional campaigns online
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