Digital Campaigns, Training & Consultancy deeply rooted by SEO

We are massive WordPress advocates!

We believe that WordPress is the perfect choice when building a website that clients, customers and google will love! We think that open source content management systems are the only way forward!

We as a team have been developing websites since 1999, trading in an un-regulated market, where unfortunately you only get what you ask for. We disagree with this, so over the last 19 years we have been adding to our best practices, processes and procedures to ensure what we deliver is the best it can be. We treat your website as if it is our own shop on the high street or business in the business quarter.

We build with speed in mind and mobile first. The focus is on allowing maximum flexibility, ease of adding features, SEO, content management, robustness and future proof-ability. Our ecommerce websites are built using the wordpress plugin woocommerce.

We can develop you brand, produce logos, brand assets and identities. Our graphic designers are on and offline designers! More info on logo design, graphic design, and web development.

Our process is:


  • Project Scoping
  • Research
  • Planning & Strategy


  • Creative Concepts
  • Design of individual pages
  • Copy and content creation


  • Digital Development
  • Site Testing
  • Search engine Optimisation

Information Architecture

We will take into account the three principles of information architecture; content, users and context.

Based on research and planning we will ensure that the content and flow of the website is highly organised. Users have four fundamental questions when they arrive at a website:

  • Am I in the right place?
  • Do they have what I am looking for?
  • Do they have anything better (if this isn’t what I want)?
  • What do I do now?

To ensure we are constantly answering these questions we will do the following:

  • Assure visitors they’re in the right place and always make it clear where they are on the site.
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for with clear navigation and search functionality.
  • Make sure visitors know what their options are, and promote related products and services using links like “See also”, “Related products/services/offer”.
  • Encourage users to take various kinds of action through clear call to actions (CTAs).


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