What sets graphic designers different from each other are the skills that they have. If you look for a good graphic designer, that person should be well-rounded in the following:

Style: Spotting the stylish one over the no style one
A designer has a signature style. An e-commerce website must reach the target audience and your graphic designer must have his or her style familiar to the audience since it is a worthy addition into the design tools ready. Designers must have a comfort zone or style that could still connect to the larger audience while leaving an imprint on their minds.

The no style will simply employ ready templates or styles that others have been using too often. It would not set your website apart from the rest therefore, it is impossible to leave a positive impression or recall value to your target market.

Management of Project
A good designer must know how to balance his act especially on big projects. Always hire the graphic designer that knows leadership and balancing since this reveals flexibility, reliability and responsibility.

Fonts are almost forgotten but the underrated skill could hold a very great key into attracting clients. Web Designers such as Jonny Ross know how to apply each font style according to your website’s needs, products sold and services offered.

A graphic designer must have the right amount of creative juices so that each website would be set differently from the rest. The graphic designer should also be keen and skilled into bringing to illustration what other people expresses through words.

Print Design and Layout Skills
Digital printing is very important these days and good designers must be well-rounded with different software that cater to desktop publishing needs such as Adobe, InDesign or Quark. Print design also includes the understanding of basic concepts such as color separation, master pages and grid layouts.

Web Design Skills
A good web designer is someone who knows which things to use to optimize the site, and keep traffic. Web presence is essential thus web design skills make or break a website. Knowledge and HTML, CSS or JavaScript are very important and Jonny Ross knows how to use all of these to keep people visiting your site.