E-Commerce Is Business Simplified

Fleek Marketing sees the importance of earning from your website. Business is business and Jonny Ross wants to make sure that you are going to be extremely profitable. E-commerce Website Planning is a crucial stage and we are here to assist you all the way to executing the plans.

How do you want your site to look like?

Since this is a website that caters for business transactions, it should be built to compel visitors to buy your products.

The site should make life an ease for your target market. The three-click rule applies: If you want clients to get the thing that they are searching for with just three or less clicks. If it takes them more than that, they will potentially give up. Your site’s interface must be a prime subject in the plan.

Your Target Market

Also a big factor you must take account in your business is the audience. Thorough research of the target market will identify who will buy your products and what design you must apply.

Will Special Features Be Necessary?

Depending on the product you are selling, there might be a need to infuse special features to your e-commerce site. Identify the features or functions which you consider important and add them into your site.

Site Development

Clients always want new and fresh things to see. Your e-commerce site must be filled not only with product and product information but also relevant information. For example a blog or article resources page would make the site more interesting and would therefore influence people to buy your products or avail of your services.

E-Commerce: Customer and Your Business

Once your e-commerce site is live, maintaining it is half the job. We offer a number of different CMS (content management systems) that will help you with this. This includes order management, product management, reporting and many more features. The other half of work will come on building business relations with your clients. This is the more important part of maintaining an e-commerce business.

Taking Orders

Ordering will be a main feature off your website but always keep on top of phone calls and e-mail from clients.


Shipping orders is obviously crucial. Many clients want their orders to be delivered the earliest time possible. Make sure your courier is dependable. Most of the systems we offer incorporate shipment tracking, order history and different shipping methods.

Customer Service

Another huge factor in setting an e-commerce business, apart from your competitors, is by keeping a high level of customer service and gathering feedback so that clients can express satisfaction or dissatisfaction of your service.