Fleek Marketing can help you to create and run bespoke social media campaigns that find and connect you to customers and clients, then build brand loyalty through positive long-term engagement.

Our focus is on ROI and meeting your objectives. We don’t buy fans or followers. We believe in quality first, quantity second; so our campaigns are designed to build engaged communities of fans and followers that are brand ambassadors who want to become your customers and tell all their friends about you.

Services include:

  • Facebook management
  • Twitter management
  • social media strategy development
  • social media campaigns planning and management
  • social media policy development
  • social media training
  • social media monitoring and reporting
  • social retail and integration of social platforms with existing websites and blogs.


A great social media strategy can:

  • boost your search engine rankings
  • increase the number of visitors to your website
  • increase your conversion rate
  • help you build long term relationships with customers
  • provide important customer interests and behaviour data to help you run more successful targeted campaigns
  • increase the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns

Facebook and Twitter campaigns

We can help you to manage and develop your Facebook and Twitter pages to build engaged communities online. We do this by generating and posting high quality, targeted content that initiates conversation and drives traffic to your website.

Our typical package includes 4-5 posts timed for optimal engagement with your audience (pre-agreed with you by weekly report), and live engagement a minimum of twice daily. We can proactively check your accounts in the morning and afternoon as a minimum (or throughout the day if required). All engagement is monitored, and we provide monthly analytics reports.