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E-flyers, E-shots and E-Newsletters

Who knows what we should call them, but they are all the same and are made to function like the usual paper flyers but unlike those that only become clutter, e-flyers can be animated and they land straight into your e-mail inbox. This makes it far easier for the customer to interact with you.

Email Marketing
For a long time now, business correspondence through emails have been used because it easily bridges the distance gap and there is no need to wait for days or weeks for the material to land at the customer.

Email marketing also serves purpose of enhancing relationships with merchants, previous clients as well as in acquiring new contacts or clients. The email content could generally be prepped up by attaching an advertisement or graphics to keep the correspondence interesting.

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Managed Campaign
Managed campaigns are very helpful for those who are planning to launch a website. Hiring services to help you carry on the website management. Fleek Marketing offer the following managed campaign.

“Your clients get emailed as often as you want, all you have to do is tell us what you want them to hear!”


  • Initial Template Design
  • Emails sent monthly, bi-weekly or weekly
  • Managed data handling and campaign sending
  • Email Personalization where up to 10 fields could be added such as name, surname, address and others
  • Instant Bounce Handling
  • There will be no duplicates that will be sent
  • Those who unsubscribe are guaranteed to be pulled out of the email list
  • Tracking of ROI (Return in Investment) for e-commerce sites
  • Full reporting that includes; delivery, bounces, opens, click-throughs, unsubscribes, forwards etc.
  • Site Tracking to figure deeper click throughs
  • Google Analytics Full integration
  • Top Delivery Percentages


“You provide full email design, we arrange the send”

  • Email Personalization where up to 10 fields could be added such as name, surname, address and others.
  • Instant Bounce Handling
  • Duplicates are never sent
  • Unsubscribed people will never be emailed again with the suppression list
  • ROI (Return in Investment) Tracking for ecommerce sites
  • Full reporting including; delivery, opens, bounces, unsubscribes, click-throughs, forwards etc.
  • Site Tracking to view deeper click-throughs
  • Full integration into Google Analytics
  • Top Delivery Percentages

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Further Options:-

  • New Templates (for change of layout / style etc.)
  • Sender address
    • Custom alias ( companyname @ generic-mail-client.com) £75 one off cost
    • Custom Domain (yourdomain-email.com) £300 one off cost

Please note that the benefits for the above are large. But not including these options has no real harm to your campaign as emails because we will always show the sender as from YOURCOMPANY.

Q: Why Us? And why is it that the prices are not the cheapest?
A: Top delivery rates and high Sender Reputation
The backbone service used takes pride in getting your email campaigns past spam filters and into inboxes.

As a client, you will benefit from an armory of critical advantages in this area. This includes the following:

  • Email broadcasting reputation of more than 11 years
  • Before any sends, the Data Watchdog that monitors and polices the user data gets involved. The policer predicts, detects and prevents the abuse of email thus protecting the sender reputation and delivery rates. There are over 4,000,000,000 data checks right now and the number is growing.
  • The strong enforced anti-spam policy maintains the reputation among recipients ISPs.
  • The early adoption of the Sender Policy Framework means that authenticated emails have been sent for many years thus authentication inside-out will get emails in the green light from ISPs.
  • Our platform subscribes to the major ISP Feedback Loops thus the data gets automatically cleaned by them, before anyone would complain and have your emails blocked.
  • Our platform are members of the DMA and the IAB (their Business Development Director sits on the board of the DMA’s Email Marketing Council) – so they are experts in delivering as a practice.
  • They are UK-based eliminating the spam chances which usually come from overseas.
  • Both are Return Path Sender Certified and Goodmail accredited. It means that they enable you to take advantage of the guaranteed delivery in inboxes where links and images are turned on as well as videos embedded in most cases.
  • They promote and enforce compliance with the policies of the Spamhaus Block List

Advantages of Email Marketing

  • The very obvious advantage of a mailing list is distribution of information on a wide range of specific and potential customers at a rate that is relatively low especially in comparison with direct mails or printed newsletters.
  • Easy to build and constant interaction with your clients thus building chances of repeating business and develop customer loyalty.
  • Easy creation of targeted campaigns or learn shopping / shopper / user patterns.
  • Return of investment is exact which could be tracked and with proven high mark when properly done. The use of email marketing is often reported as secondary to search marketing as an effective tactic of online marketing.
  • It has instant results as opposed to advertisements mailed to houses. The delivery could arrive in just a few seconds or minutes.
  • The advertiser will give the “push” to the message into the audience which, as opposed to a website that just waits for the customers to come in.
  • Tracking is easy. The advertiser can track the users through web bugs, bouncing messages, unsubscribed lists, click-throughs and others. These could be used to measure the open rates, the positive and negative responses that correlates sales with marketing.
  • Advertisers could generate repeated business in an affordable and automatic manner.
  • Advertisers could reach a substantial number of email subscribers who opt to receive th emails that are of interest to them.
  • Just half of the typical internet users check their email on a day.
  • The specific types of interaction in the messages could trigger other messages to trigger some events like updating recipient profile to indicate a specific interest.
  • Green or environment-friendly because email marketing is paper-free.

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