Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process of making your website more visible to search engines, and helping them to understand your content and direct more potential clients and customers your way.



An Initial SEO Audit can enable you to:

  • find out what’s stopping search engines from finding your website
  • benchmark your website against your competitors
  • discover the keywords that people are searching on to find companies like yours
  • get an actionable ‘to do’ list of technical fixes that your website needs
  • write better content and metadata for your website so more potential customers can find you


How SEO works

SEO is a three-stage process. The first is to find out how well your website currently performs for organic search by carrying out an Initial SEO Audit. The second involves setting the technical aspects of your website up so search engines can read it properly. The third is about crafting high-quality, regularly updated content that visitors will value, and search engines will score highly.


The Initial SEO Audits we carry out comprise of:


  • Keyword Research – Lets you know which keywords people are searching on most regularly to find your products, and a list of unique keywords that you could achieve high search engine rankings on (to inform your content strategy).
  • Competitor Analysis – What your competitors are doing well, and what you could do better, including analysis of keywords that are working for them.
  • Ensuring Webmaster Tools, Google Local and Google Analytics (including goals/conversion) are set correctly – If set up properly, they can help deliver a lot of new website traffic and help you to track, report and improve your website traffic.
  • Technical Recommendations Report – How to set up the back end and CMS of your site to make it more search engine and reader friendly.
  • Content / Anchor Text Suggestions – Informed by the keyword research, this section gives advice on what your content should focus on, and which words/terms you should set up as internal and external links.
  • Meta Data – What words and terms you should write in the CMS metadata to act as markers to search engines to rank that particular page highly for a certain topic


The report alone will give you a lot of advice about what you could do to improve your existing site. To achieve better results, you may wish to implement a monthly or weekly SEO campaign. The SEO campaigns service offered by Fleek Marketing includes generating new content, link-building, regular analysis and reporting to identify issues and improvements (then actioning them), fixing broken links and addressing any technical site issues that occur and affect your SEO.



Fleek Marketing can carry out a full Initial SEO Audit on your website as a standalone service (priced from £487) or included as part of an SEO campaign.



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