Google Penalty Unwinding: Coming Clean, Solving The Issue, Avoiding Penalties

Google, being one of the leading search engine sites today, is really strict about indexing sites for their returned searches. It penalizes those that do not follow the ethics of search engine optimization. The penalty happens once usually, but it is very tragic because your site could simply be unranked. This means that you would have to rebuild your site and get those unwanted contents off.

The site that had been penalized by Google could still rank on other search engines but since Google is widely used by most people, ranking in it is still very important. Fleek Marketing is known for unwinding Google penalties and helping website owners regain their status in the index of the search engine.

White Hat vs Black Hat

White hat is the most ethical way to beat other websites and rank first in search engines. Practicing the guidelines of the search engines will help your site earn the respect of search engines. There are times though when you are just practicing that but you still get penalized but that could be due to reasons that are definitely beyond your control.

Black hat practice earns the wrath of Google because of the following characteristics:

  • Use of hidden texts or links
  • use of sneaky redirects
  • Loading of pages filled with irrelevant words.
  • Creation of multiple pages or domains that are of substantial duplicate contents.
  • Creation of doorway pages that are created specifically for search engines or cookie cutters like affiliate programs that are of no original content.

There are times when a site disappears even if it is not penalized by Google. Through spidering, it could bounce back in the ranking. If there are several crawls that have occurred and the site is still kept out of the index, website owners must be proactive.

If the problem of Google Penalty is still persistent or if you are not able to regain your site’s rank, Fleek Marketing can help you solve it.