Google Optimization Will Take Care Of This For You

Google is considered one of, if not the most known, search engines right now. Getting a site indexed could just be a step away from being promoted by Google. We improve the ranking of your site in order for the search result by Google to show up high, so that clients can actually find your page.
Magic bullets do not exist in improving the rankings of your site in Google but there are measures you could take to get those Googlebots to figure that your site is in perfect shape.

To be able to use Google Optimization in full swing, trust Fleek Marketing to take care of this for you. These steps are crucial to reaching the top spot:

  • Setting the hierarchy of your site. The headings should follow a specific order.
  • Use a good introductory paragraph for your website. Explaining what your site is about is not enough but it must also contain keywords that you aim your focus on.
  • The pages of the site must have text links on them other than graphics. It would also help to have the links different to the basic “click here”.
  • A descriptive title tag is important as you would not want to be tagged as “untitled”. We can provide your site the most creative descriptive tag to beat all of the million sites that are tagged ‘untitled’.
  • Crucial contents must be in text and not images. Your clients will have different interpretations of an image and most importantly, Googlebot are not able to read images.
  • We will take care of the validation of your HTML and in keeping the links to your site current.
  • Remember that your pages are for clients you want to convince into buying the products that you are selling and not for Google.
  • Request writers from other web pages to give reciprocal links.

Jonny Ross will optimize your site to get people to link to your site and to rank well in Google. The more that people link to your site, the more Googlebot will mark it as “important” thus you will have higher ranking for your keywords. What you must be careful of though is to overdo things or to miss the rules of Google. The search engine’s wrath could ruin all that you worked hard for!