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Engagement, Engagement Engagement

11 September, 2012

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It’s not location, location, location when it comes to social media marketing… it’s engagement, engagement, engagement. Engagement is so important that after working on engagement… you need to work on engagement. And then you need to work on engagement some more.

Any business that has an online presence needs to make sure it’s engaging visitors to its social media sites. No matter how much traffic a business gets on its sites, if visitors get bored and click off quickly, the business won’t make money.

(If your business isn’t on social media yet, why not? You’re missing out on a huge potential market of customers if you ignore social media. With thousands of people on sites like Facebook and Twitter and people creating new social media accounts every day, you can’t afford not to sign up. Click here to read 15 reasons why you need to be on social media sites.

Here are the top ten ways to keep your visitors engaged while visiting your social media pages. If you need some help getting visitors to your social media pages to begin with, check out the top ten tips for getting more Facebook likes. However,facebook like remember that getting likes is only the first step towards making sales. If you don’t engage your visitors, you won’t make the sales you hope for.

  1. Fill out your entire Facebook profile, including the Timeline section. The more there is to explore on your page, the more likely visitors are to stay and browse. Greater browsing time usually leads to greater sales.
  2. Add photos whenever possible. Not only do photos catch people’s eyes, but people are more likely to share them with their friends. This kind of engagement will attract more customers to your social media page; customers’ friends will see the photos and check out your page.
  3. Update your pages frequently. The more frequently you update, the more likely customers are to continue to visit. Repeat visitors are more likely to buy something from you than those who are visiting for the first time.
  4. Make sure that all of your content is relevant to your customers’ needs as well as to your niche. Relevant content is the most important aspect of engagement. When you post, always try to imagine how you would feel if you were a customer reading your page. Would you find the content helpful or would you feel like your business was wasting your time and just talking about itself? If your content seems too self-centered, it’s time to revise it. The more customers feel you care about them and not just about making sales, the more likely they are to interact with you on your social media pages. You also increase your credibility in your customers’ eyes when you provide information relevant to their needs.
  5. Respond to customers as quickly as possible. Don’t let your social media pages just be a showcase of your thoughts and opinions. When customers respond to your posts, make sure to acknowledge and respond to them as quickly as possible. That will make your customers feel like you are a friend and not just a business owner. It’s especially important to respond to any questions or complaints that customers have as soon as possible after they post them. That shows other visitors to your social media pages that you are serious about customer service.
  6. Offer exclusive discounts and special promotions to online customers. When your online customers receive exclusive offers via your social media pages, they feel special. In addition, customers may check back often for special deals and promotions.
  7. Run a contest/competiton in which customers have to take photos of themselves with your products to enter. This type of contest not only promotes your products, but also helps attract customer interest. Many customers love the idea of their photos being featured on your site and/or winning a photo contest; it makes them feel like a celebrity. This may motivate your customers to check your site often for photo entries as well as to enter their own photo.
  8. Include calls to action in your social media posts. Every post should have some type of call to action. If you encourage your customers to interact in some way, it’ll help keep them engaged with your pages. For example, you might encourage customers to click on a link to your website, respond to a post with their thoughts or share a post with their friends.
  9. Generate discussions with your posts. In addition to posting relevant content, it’s helpful to post content that will lead to a discussion. For example, post a relevant news story and ask customers for their opinion on it. You can also ask customers for their opinion on new products, proposed new policies at your business, and anything else related to how you run your business. When customers feel like they are contributing to your business, they’re more likely to purchase goods from you; they feel like the business is partially “theirs” and that they owe you.
  10. Address different subsets of your target audience via posts. If you cater to both local and distant customers, both young and elderly customers or customers of different ethnicities, don’t make all your posts relevant to one subset. If you do this, people in your sub-demographic set will lose interest and stop looking at your page. Vary the content in your posts so that you reach as much of your target audience as possible in order to keep people checking your posts.

Social media marketing is challenging because it requires you to reach customers in an entirely new way. Instead of using a one-way medium to advertise to a passive audience, social media marketing requires you to actively interact with that audience.

These tips are just a starting point — there are millions of ways to engage your unique audience. Use your creativity and your understanding of your audience’s interests and needs to help you reach out to social media contacts in new and innovative ways. The more you reach out, the more you’ll engage your audience, which can only lead to greater profits for you. What ways do you find work? What have you tried and felt failed with your audience? Am I right? Is it all about engagement? Tell me in the comments box below and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for future posts!

  • Jonny,
    Great article. The point on engagement for me is connecting with the right audience. There is a large part that says ensure you find the right tool for communicating with your audience so effort is not wasted. If your business is Business to Consumer then Facebook is definately where the action is but for Business to Business the time and effort of a Facebook presence may be best spent elsewhere. Linkedin works well for Business to Business but again, for direct to consumer not so much. The key is that you cannot do everything and need to go fishing where the fish are. Views?

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