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How to build links for SEO

14 December, 2010

Link building is a long and taxing process of optimising a website as part of search engine optimisation or SEO. Link building is perhaps one of the most demanding activities in SEO, however, it usually brings in long-term rewards.

Links are the basic connector or relationship in the web, that’s why link building remains the primary tool for SEO and will continue as such for the foreseeable future.

Search engine mechanics like Google algorithms have become more advanced in that they can identify useless links from trusted ones. Hence, optimisers need to know how build links that truly count. There are hundreds of ways to build links, but the best form of link building for SEO should promote high relevance, viral content, authority, traffic and page rank.

So what are the most recommendable techniques for link building?

Think article and press release submission. You can do it on your own or hire an article submitter to do the task for you. Create fantastic articles and submit them to trusted article submission sites.

Think blog and forum comments. Commenting on blogs within your niche will earn you many online friends and great online publicity. This helps in improving your viral link building and ultimately your SEO rankings.

Think blogging and RSS feed. Blogs are great for publicising what you know or think about a certain event or topic. You can become a thought leader by creating and submitting blogs with substance about a specific concept, particularly one that is related to your niche.

Think online directories and listing sites. You can build links as part of your SEO campaign by submitting entries to listing sites and online directories. You can hire others to do this for you, as this is a routine task. Experts say it is best to submit listing manually.

Think host/blog sites. It helps to make several blogs in free host sites like and Just make sure your content is unique and useful, and avoid spamming your audience.

Think trending and tracking. Monitor and follow memes or cultural ideas and try to build links based on popular stories and concepts. This is great for your SEO efforts.

Think government and school sites. Do or participate government- and school-sponsored activities like writing reports, joining forums, offering jobs and funding projects so you can penetrate their website with ads and links.

Think reviews. Another SEO technique that help build links is to write reviews on relevant topics and post them at trusted websites like Alexa and Amazon. Answer questions in Yahoo Answers and establish your authority on a particular topic.

Think text-link ads and link partners. Request and buy links from expert link builders. This should not be very costly if you choose your link partners carefully.

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