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DIY SEO versus hiring an SEO firm

14 December, 2010

If you want to achieve a higher position in search results, then you need to do search engine optimisation or SEO. There are two ways to do this: on your own or with the help of an SEO expert.

Do-It-Yourself SEO

If you do SEO on your own, you will do away with the sizeable expense that comes with hiring a firm or individual optimiser. You will also be able to learn a lot about running a website, optimising it and maintaining it in the process. Also, you will retain control over your website, its systems and functions.

However if you do SEO on a do-it-yourself basis, you must have the necessary skills on programming and Internet marketing. You need to have a good understanding of which practices are acceptable or not. You need to have a good knowledge on the different search engine guidelines to avoid being penalised unnecessarily.

Hiring SEO Firm

When you hire a company or individual who has the assumed knowledge and skills in SEO, then you don’t need to use your internal resources to optimise the website. You get the chance to tap the resources of a more experienced optimiser, assuring you of quality results. You can focus on your core competencies and let the firm do the optimising job for you.

On the other end, hiring an SEO expert costs a lot. It takes good research to land on an outsourcing partner whom you can trust, particularly sensitive information regarding your company. You just can’t turnover the control of your website to somebody else, you have to be very discreet and careful.

What’s the best thing to do?

Whether you will do SEO on your own or hire an expert to do the job, it is necessary that you learn the basics of this online marketing technique as much as you can. If you choose DIY SEO, then it is assumed that you have the necessary resources and skills to handle the job. You have the internal staff, equipment and budget to support your optimisation efforts. On the other hand, knowing and understanding SEO will allow you to monitor your outsourcing partner’s activities. Again, it’s important that you know you are getting the right quality of service and not being made blind by your SEO partner.

Implement a dependable selection process in choosing who should handle the SEO project. Whether you will hire an internal staff or external one to optimise your website, make certain that the people or team that you hire are the ideal people for the job.

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