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Made in Marbella – SEO and web design in the sunshine

30 August, 2013

One of the great things about running a business online, is that you’re often free to relocate as and when you please.  So long as you have your laptop and an internet connection, your ‘office’ can be based anywhere, even a sun soaked beach in Marbella if you can manage to drag yourself away from the wonderful distractions the city has to offer.

I mention Marbella, Costa del Sol in particular, as I am in fact writing this article from Mistral Beach.  No, not just to prove a point – (that’s a lot of effort to go to for an SEO article, even for me!), I’m here because my parents are lucky enough to own an apartment in San Pedro, so it’s not uncommon to find me spending time here on beautiful Mistral Beach, or eating lamb in Benahavis, or taking my excitable kids to play at Kidz Kingdom or for a donkey ride in Mijas.  There is so much going on in this Spanish gem, it’s really no surprise to meet so many Brits who have swapped Blighty for an ex-pat lifestyle in the sun.

And many have been able to do so because they’ve been running a business back home that was easy to relocate.

Of course for most, it’s not as simple as having your business cards re-printed and heading to Puerto Banus for a coffee while business continues as normal, but with careful planning, many self employed Brits do find they are able to make their business continue working as they and their families enjoy a new lifestyle – especially if that business happens to run largely online, and especially when extra attention is paid to web development before and after the move.

If you have a fully automated website, for example, that yields high traffic and consistently produces orders that can be filled remotely, you could certainly take care of your online maintenance and web development from your apartment in Estapona.

If a well functioning blog with a high Google ranking and an established following is part of your success, there’s no reason you can’t continue to publish SEO friendly, content rich articles from a pretty little cafe by the harbour in Marbella Old Town!

Even every day admin such as checking your emails and updating your social media networks is easy to do from your sunny new location – you can happily see what’s trending on Twitter and check the reach your latest Facebook post while you watch the yachts come in and out at the port.

Equally, if you have plans to relocate to Marbella to run an existing small business – perhaps a hairdressers, bar or cafe, clever planning with regards to website and logo design, plus a good measure of SEO tailored to making yourself be found and be seen by your new prospective client base, can all help boost your chances of success.

As I mentioned, I know Marbella particularly well, so please do get in touch if you’re in need of advice as to how to make your Spanish business sizzle.  Indeed, if you’re in need of an English speaking SEO expert to help your new or existing business take off on foreign shores, I’d be delighted to hear from you and can offer plenty of advice to get you on your way to living your dream.

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