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SEO is helping local businesses in Leeds

11 July, 2011

SEO in LeedsSearch Engine Optimisation is prominently used by local businesses in Leeds and there are a variety of reasons that determine the success of these SEO campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation has of late become a must for every business that has an online presence.  Consumers are relying on search engines to find whatever they need to consume and the websites that are ranked in the first few pages has the highest probability to win over these customers. Hence there is immense competition among various companies to rank their websites to increase the number of customers they gain online. Leeds market is very unique for the fact that they have a good number of online businesses in every domain ranging from Retail to financial services. This has created a huge demand for high quality search engine optimisation services that can be catered only by a qualified SEO professional like Jonny Ross.

Majority of internet users in Leeds prefer search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Google is the main concentration for any SEO campaign, since Google holds more than 80% market share in search.  High importance is given to the list of keywords and the overall contents in the website, as Google gives highest rankings only to websites of high quality with good original content. The keywords are selected for their relevance and are included in a rate proportional to the overall content. The website is also then included with a number of quality links connecting it with other relevant websites for reference. This method of linking is highly recommended by Google.

Leeds businesses want to have maximum number of new customers through their online campaigns. SEO processes should be included in every stage of the Website design and development phases. Any deviation from the optimal guidelines for quality SEO should not be done; as bye-passing these guidelines would invite the penalising of the website by Google. Various link building activities should be done in order to successfully list the website in the top rankings whenever a prospective customer searches the internet to find out something he needs or to purchase.  For a niche market like Leeds every product or service offered has huge competition from other vendors. SEO gives your business a competitive edge over other businesses that are offering similar offerings.  Professional search engine optimisers like Jonny Ross have huge experience in taming these search engines and make your website outsmart your competition by ranking it in the first page of the search results.

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