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Some of the best in logo design

14 December, 2010

A logo can last for so many years and earn its rightful position in the world of brand identity and logo design. Who would ever miss recognising the golden arches that represent McDonald’s or the jumping man that symbolises Air Jordan?

Let’s take a look at some of the best in logo design and learn from each one of them. They make great inspirations for businesses and designers alike on how to create a logo with a lasting integrity and functionality, something that can outlive and outlast competition.

In cyberspace, no one can mistake the colourful logo design for Google and the animate typeface icon for Yahoo! These two logos are easy to remember, understand and recognise not because they are in typeface format, but because of the message they convey.

In the world of beverage, we have two logo designs of all time, the romantic script for Coca Cola and the three-dimensional globe image for Pepsi Cola. These two rival designs have earned their name in the beverage industry and have become influential and powerful icons worldwide.

As far as sports items are concerned, we have two great logos to beat – Adidas and Nike. The black diagonal stripes for Adidas speak for the company’s heritage and history. While Nike’s swoosh logo design tells of victory and ambition for which the brand is known for.

When we speak of computers, there is the iconic image of IBM and Apple. These two great symbols remain steadfast and strong in representing their brands. The Apple logo design was created after the Tree of Knowledge, encouraging people to pursue their dreams. Meanwhile, the IBM logo represents uniqueness and unity, and the extremely advanced nature of the company’s products.

With regards to vehicles, the logo design for Volkswagen and Ford are some of the most outstanding. These two designs speak for what they are in the automobile industry – strength and joy for Volkswagen, and power for Ford.

Shoppers will never be mistaken if they encounter the idyllic and representative symbols of Walmart and Target. Although Walmart’s asterisk icon is just new in the market, it has become quite influential in the retail industry. Meanwhile, Target’s logo design created after the dart’s bull’s eye, is closely representative of the brand and highly identifiable as well.

There are plenty of logos in the market that have stood the test of time and have earned the respect of the audience. It helps to know that these logos became effective because they have these qualities: simple, memorable, versatile, timeless and appropriate.

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