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Choosing a logo design expert

14 December, 2010

When you hire an individual or a company to do logo design for you, naturally you would want to pick the best. Well, here is a list of qualities that you should look for in a logo designer.

  • A credible portfolio speaks a lot to the performance and ability of the logo design expert that you are about to consider. Check to see if the portfolio is strong and if the logos were actually made for real clients. It also helps to know if the logos are currently in use.
  • If the designer subjects himself to thorough design process, then he is a good pick. It is difficult to impossible for a designer to make logo design in extremely speedy and economical manner. You should know the difference between instant food and gourmet food.
  • The recommendations and testimonials of past clients can help you assess the reliability of the designer. But be keen about these testimonials. Let the designer provide you with contact information of his past clients so you can do some investigation yourself.
  • The years of experience of a logo design expert can also be used as criterion for judging his ability. If he has been in the industry for many years, see if he has made sufficient progress or if he has remained stagnant with his craft. Experience may not have much bearing on one’s ability to design though as some novice designers can be more flexible and versatile.
  • The organisations and affiliations of the logo design maker can tell something about the fellow, too. His memberships can add to the legitimacy and credibility of his service.
  • Then, too, see if the designer has garnered some awards or recognitions for his past and present works. A widely recognised designer can demand a hefty price, but he can also be more dedicated to excellence considering the acclaim he has earned.
  • At the onset, see if the logo design expert asks you the appropriate questions. The designer must do everything to learn about your branding goals and needs, and find solutions to meet those. A series of interview and correspondence is a must for the professional to learn what he needs to learn from and about you.
  • Also, check to see how the designer handles you from start to finish. There must be some level of professionalism although you both can be casually communicating about the logo design and other concerns in some instances.
  • Pick the designer that provides the best customer service and support. You know the one who responds quickly to your inquiries and the one who smartly anticipates and meets your needs – this is the ideal logo design professional to choose.
  • Of course, you should be concerned with the price. If the offer is too low or too high, then chances are it’s not a great candidate

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