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Common mistakes in logo design

14 December, 2010

Common Mistakes in Logo Design

It’s good to know the must-do steps and must-follow guides on logo design, but it is equally good to know the common mistakes so that you will know what not to do and what to avoid.

  • Amateur Designs – It is very crucial that the icon for your business or enterprise looks professional, thus you really need to avoid amateur designs as much as possible. The primary solution for this is to hire an expert in logo design.
  • Trendy Designs – As said over and over, the key to an effective logo is for it to remain functional and appealing over the years. Longevity not trend is the important factor in creating a logo.
  • Stock Art Designs – If your logo design uses stock art, then there is a big probability of being unable to create a unique and original design. Another issue is copyright infringement, so be very careful with using stock art.
  • Complex Designs – One of the qualities of an effective logo is simplicity and memorability, which a complex logo is almost always without. Avoid highly complex designs – those with intricate details – as they can be hard to digest and remember by the audience.
  • Raster Designs – A raster image contains pixels that can cause reproduction problems upon resizing. In order to create a logo design with consistent quality, use a vector image through Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.
  • Designer-Preferred Designs – The logo will be owned and used by the client as a symbolic representation of himself and his business. A designer should not make a logo designs according to his own needs and desires, but according to his client’s.
  • Color-Dependent Designs – One technique in creating an effective logo is to use black and white. This is to make sure that the integrity and influence of the design remains intact regardless of the color scheme applied into it.
  • Bad Font Designs – Choosing the ideal font is a must in logo design. The technique is to find a font style that matches and blends perfectly with the icon. It is wrong to use a font that matches too closely with the icon as both can compete for the audience’s attention. It is likewise wrong to use an icon that doesn’t match the font because there will be no consistency.
  • Multi-Font Designs – A logo design in typeface format must be limited to only two types of fonts. More than two font styles will create a chaotic effect, obstructing the audience from understand and associating the logo with its proper message and meaning.
  • Copied Designs – This is basically one of the major mistakes in logo design, if not the major mistake. You cannot settle for a copied design, in part or in whole, because a logo has to be differentiated and distinct as any business has to be.

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