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What makes a great logo design?

14 December, 2010

As a businessman or marketer, you should be minding about logo design. A logo is the main element in developing a company’s brand image or identity – it says a lot about the company, its culture and products.

The logo design is the most notable visual representative of the company and is generally displayed in almost all branding venues be it corporate stationery, company website, office uniform, store outlet, product label and delivery truck. Needless to say, the logo must be something the company must be proud of showing to the market.

There are thousands upon thousands of logos that we see everyday, everywhere. From the soap we use to the car we drive, logos are practically all around us. But no matter what those logos look like, many of them were created based on four principles: solid design, functionality, symbolism and uniqueness.

Priniciple #1: A great logo is created after basic logo design principles. It must look good first of all. A logo is like a piece of art that must be aesthetically attractive and appealing to the audience. Yes, a person’s mood and preference is subjective and relative, but you must strive to create a logo that’s appealing to many of your target audience.

Principle #2: A great logo must be functionally sound. Not withstanding aesthetic appeal, the logo must likewise be functional. It can be used on a whole range of avenues – shirts, caps, mugs, websites, newspapers, and the like. It must continue to look good on either an all-white or all-black background, a textured surface, or in different sizes. Logo design should conform to various contexts but remain effective in transmitting the message across.

Principle #3: A great logo must symbolise the company. It must represent the company’s overall identity based on its industry, product or service. The logo must provide a clear picture of what the company is all about, such that a wedding supplier should use a delicate script font but a car retailer should not. The colour in the logo design must also be chosen well for its appropriateness to the company’s culture and industry.

Principle #4: A great logo must be distinctive and differentiated. It’s never recommended to copy the design of an already popular and recognisable logo, unless you are just making some form of parody. Understand that there is punishment for infringement and most logos are copyright protected. Other than that, you need to set your company apart from all the rest, and designing a unique logo is the way to do that.

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