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How logo design impacts your online presence

14 December, 2010

Your logo is a representation of you and your business. Today, logos are not just found on products and billboards, they are likewise displayed online for the whole world to see. Often, it is the most memorable and most obvious image in your website. Thus, you must choose logo design that promotes high impact among your target audience and clients.

Logo design develops your visual identity, and when posted and promoted online, it helps create your online identity. It is part of business branding to create a quality logo. Understand that there is no successful business today that doesn’t have a logo. So there really is a need for quality logo no matter how small or big your business is.

Most companies display their logo design at the top most portion or banner of their websites. This is to establish a visual impact among visitors. Banners with logos are often displayed as is regardless of the page visited to promote consistency and to evoke recognition. Logos are also used as icons that are clickable. Clicking them would divert users to a particular business website or page.

The logo design is also often embedded in email marketing. Email marketers and spammers would generally include their logos in the email message as part of their introducing themselves. Again, the logos are clickable and would often directly open another window or tab that displays the website of a company.

Even in Internet advertisements, businesses would highlight their logo design to achieve greater impact. Often, there is no need to include the name of the business especially if the market can already recognise the logo and associate it to the company.

Logo design is a careful blend of different elements like company name or initials, colours, and image that sum up into a whole visual identity that’s distinctive and commemorative. Take for example the animated letter M in yellow colour – it wouldn’t be so hard to associate that with McDonald’s.

The different elements of the logo, specifically its colour scheme, are usually used as basis for the design of the entire website. Web design is generally based on the theme and colour of the logo design. Logos after all, are fairly faster and easier to make than websites. And often, companies already have their own logos before they have their own websites.

Once a logo becomes recognisable online and offline, the business is deemed to have achieved a strong branding presence through its logo design.

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