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The industries that benefit the most from a live chat system

5 May, 2015

If you surf around the web you will notice that many websites have a live chat system implemented. UserLike1Live chat is software used by businesses to get in direct and real-time contact with their website visitors. However, as a small owner you might still be thinking about what benefits live chat can bring to your own business. In this post we’ll give an overview of the industries that benefit the most from implementing live chat and in which ways can they take most advantage of this modern support channel.

1. Estate Agents and Live Chat

UserLike2Even more than for others, the rise of the internet has been a huge game changer for the real estate industry, making it much more transparent. While buyers generally don’t buy their house directly over the website, practically all house buyers make comparisons between houses over the web. All that house owners or real estate agents could do was put their offer online and wait while the buyers were making their comparisons. This passive position is changing however, through live chat.

By placing live chat on the website and comparison platforms, the selling parties can engage in active lead generation. Houses are highly complex products, where the price depends on a great amount of features. Live chat support can make this black box more transparent, allowing sellers to highlight those features of the house that are relevant to the buyer.

Live chat gives you the opportunity to fulfill the search criteria of a wide range of preferences, to recommend specific units and to improve your efficiency in the whole process of capturing interested people, scheduling a visit and taking care of all the details. Furthermore, live chat costs are minimal when compared to the value of a sale.

2. Automotive and Live Chat

UserLike3Similarly to the Real Estate industry, the value of earned sales is quite significant when compared to the minimal cost of running live chat support, making this a fully inexpensive tool with extensive advantages to the car sales business.

Live chat tool allows you to support your customers 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. Even when your showroom is closed you can still collect leads and take the opportunity of showing your potential customers your best deals.

Cars are a typical product in which sales skills are highly relevant. This is because the product is highly complex and the buyer preferences highly diverse. For the same car you would highlight much different features when you’re selling to a family with young kids (safety, spacious) than when you’re selling to an ambitious and single stock broker (motor power, social status).

That is why customers who are looking to buy a car are usually fond of having a supportive agent explaining to them every single detail about the vehicle, its conditions and a true opinion about their best choice. With live chat, you can replicate the experience you are providing your customers in-store, to all your potential clients visiting you online. Not only will you make your customers happier, you will easily leap over your direct competitors.

 3. Electronics and Live Chat

UserLike4Similar to other eCommerce sectors, in the online electronics sector, competition is fierce and so are the lower prices to beat. Therefore, keeping costs down has to be a constant concern for anyone who would like to survive in this industry.

Unlike in real estate or automotive sales, in electronics, eCommerce live chat evolves around sealing the deal on the website. Again, electronic products are complex and many questions may exist to prevent a sale. It is the task of live to resolve these questions, which often means translating the list of complex technical features belonging to a product into comprehensible benefits.

Most people are not that into tech and electronics to know what all these technical specifications stand for, making them uncertain about e.g. what computer they need:

Customer: “I’m doubting between X and Y computer, I’m not sure which one would be better for me”

Agent: “What is your main purpose for having a computer? Do you use it for work, to play games, for design…?”

Customer: “I play lots of games…”

Agent: “In that case I’d go for computer Y. It has the most up-to-date graphics card and highest processing speed, so you’ll be able to play all the latest games on it.”

Customer: “Great! Thanks a lot!”

It’s important to realise that uncertainty leads to doubt, and doubt leads to delaying or not making the sale at all. The electronics shop that is best at relieving its visitors from their doubts will make the most sales.

 4. Pharmaceutics and Live Chat

If there is one area people are sensitive about, it’s their health and the health of their loved ones. This makes pharmaceutics a billion dollar industry. The industry has also made its entrance into eCommerce with online pharmacies, a phenomenon that is relatively new (compared to other industries) and around which a great amount of debate has arisen.

The online branch of this industry is in the process of becoming accepted by the whole society, and it is looking for ways to strengthen its legitimacy. Live chat can be a powerful alloy for that purpose, as a trust element that adds a human face, advice and trust to the website.

Not only do online pharmaceutical stores depend on their perceived credibility and legitimacy, they also depend on their ability to respond to customers’ questions and sensitive issues brought. Live chat has the power to, to a certain extent, mirror the pharmacy employee who gives advice on the use and (side) effects of the products sold.

Live chat gives online pharmaceutical sellers the possibility to give a “face” to their store, a person to whom customers can address their problems and doubts. As a side effect, live chat improves customers’ trust in your service and website, making them more likely to return or even recommend your service to others.

5. Software and Live Chat

UserLike5Software is one of the fastest growing industries, in whatever direction you look. Providers are in a race to continuously optimise their software with new and/or improved features. However, it often proves a problem to communicate to their users clearly and effectively all the options there are, how they should be used, and what their benefits are. This counts for the orientation phase (customer acquisition) as well as the usage phase (customer retention). Because of this many software providers, whether they are in the cloud or otherwise, make use of live chat to tailor their offerings to their visitors and customers.

Again it concerns highly complex products, and a live chat conversation that connects the dots between the software’s features and the visitor’s needs is often enough to pull him or her into becoming a customer. What is different from the other industries is that live chat is also a very suitable channel for ongoing support during the use. Most of our chats, for example, come from existing customers in our dashboard and relate to how to use existing features. In general chats can cover bugs found by the users, to problems in usage, navigation or any other questions that pop their minds.

Live chat solves all these problems by addressing customer frustration with an instantaneous fix. Great software service should be backed up with phenomenal and always available customer service which you can only provide with real-time live chat software.

6. Hospitality and Live Chat

The hotel industry evolves around quality in service. At least, that counts for its offline facilities. Online hotels have been slower to adopt live chat, but in recent years things have started moving.

This industry is known for its concern and attention to details, from the way the table is set to the disposition of amenities and the smile on the receptionists’ face. In their online presence, hotels should display similar attention to every detail of the process – especially the way customer service is being held.

Live chat allows hotel owners to efficiently increase their online direct sales by providing them with the tool to get in touch with their website visitors and prematurely start a relationship with them. More than having another channel to receive customer requests, live chat enables hotels to answer any question about your unit, services provided, location and any other points that puzzle the customer’s mind.

Finally, one should not forego the upselling opportunities live chat can bring to a hotel’s online presence. By getting to know the web visitor it’s possible to retrieve information about its preferences and past experiences, which allows you to tailor bookings and add complementary services or products to satisfy the customer’s needs and improve your results.

 7. Cosmetics and Live Chat

UserLike6Last, but not least, comes the cosmetics industry. As one of the most competitive fields of online eCommerce, online cosmetics shops are in a constant struggle to stand out from the competition. Live chat can be one of those distinguishing features, not replicable by the competition since every service delivery is unique.

Similar to pharmaceuticals, customers of these products are health conscious and thus want to know about the potential effects of the products on their bodies and skin. Typical chat conversations on these types of websites are related to allergies, substances of the products, and whether animal testing was involved in the production process.

Again, live chat can serve as a channel for personal and tailored advice, relieving the website visitors from their uncertainties and doubts. From all the listed industries, this one is most susceptible to upselling, with a wide variety of products complementing one another.

That’s it, those are the industries for which live chat is most beneficial. That does not mean other industries do not benefit. As you might have noticed, one binding factors among these industries is that they sell complex products or services. As a rule of thumb, the more complex the product or service sold, the more beneficial the implementation of a live chat system.

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