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BritMums Live 2015: the rise and influence of lifestyle bloggers

10 June, 2015


Next week sees the return of BritMums Live, the UK’s biggest lifestyle and parent bloggers conference.

Taking place in London on Friday 19 June and Saturday 20 June, the annual BritMums Live conference includes keynotes from Ella Woodward (aka Deliciously Ella), Carol Smillie and Caprice; along with a packed programme of “dynamite speakers from the blogging, social media, charity, journalism, TV and political worlds”. BritMums Live promises to be “enlightening, inspiring and electrifying”.

But what of this vast community of lifestyle bloggers: what influence do they have with consumers? And are businesses aware of their power in selling products?

The rise and influence of lifestyle bloggers

Lifestyle bloggers write and share online content through blogs and other social media. They lead online conversations with parents and other groups on topics ranging from food, parenting, travel, politics, style and more.

Due to the vast numbers of followers and readers that successful lifestyle bloggers can command, they can be hugely influential in making or breaking a brand. Yet many businesses still don’t know how to successfully engage with them.

BritMums is Britain’s largest collection of lifestyle bloggers and social influencers. The BritMums community (statistics from BritMums website) includes:

  • A powerful social network backed by more than 8,000 social influencers, representing 15,000+ blogs, who create fresh, engaging content and together command over 80 million monthly page views;
  • A strong social networking presence, with Klout scores in the 70s, 120k+ followers on G+ and 260 million Twitter impressions annually;
  • One of the UK’s top-ranked blogs and an online “magazine”, which is a showcase of our network’s awesome content;
  • BritMums Live, the country’s biggest real-world annual blogger and social media conference;
  • Brilliance in Blogging (BiBs) awards annual social media awards programme, involving thousands of bloggers and votes;
  • The BritMums Pro database of ultra-engaged super-influencers;
  • BritMumsTV: video content featuring regular Hangouts and original content.


Why should businesses engage with lifestyle bloggers?

Bloggers are authentic and trusted. Their influence comes from this perception of trust among readers (the ultimate word-of-mouth marketing) and from their creativity in creating innovative new content that is shared regularly online and literally reaches millions of people.

Bloggers can create activation programmes that harness the power of blogs, video, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and more to reach out to and engage with your customers, create a positive brand image, and sell your products.

How should you engage with bloggers?

A cold email to a blogger saying “will you write about my product” just won’t cut it. To successfully engage with bloggers, brands need to really understand them and think carefully about they offer and whether it’s a good match for the blogger’s audiences. This requires time, research, effort, and a dedication to relationship building and management.

If you want to successfully use blogger outreach to promote your brand, you need to spend as much time on this as you would nurturing relationships with journalists and planning and executing media relations campaigns. In many industries now, bloggers are often more influential than journalists.

The first step is pulling together a list of bloggers whose readers are a good match for your target demographic. You should also check out their website statistics: number of hits, regularity of posts etc, to see if they are influential and dedicated.

The next stage involves reading the blogs and taking time to understand that particular blogger’s views and opinions, style etc; then coming up with an offer that both they and their readers will benefit from. Only then should you make a courteous approach, bearing in mind that the blogger is not obligated to write about your products. Some don’t engage with PRs at all, but they will normally state this on their website.

Who are the lifestyle bloggers?

We’ve spent a long time building up blogger contacts lists for our clients’ blogger outreach campaigns, across a number of different industries, so we understand the time and dedication it takes. However, simple Google searches bring up numerous lists: and the ones that Google ranks well for you are likely to be the ones that are also popular for your customers.

Below are a few lists that may be useful to get you started:

More about BritMums and engaging with bloggers

This Gorkana meets… BritMums video shares some more tips on blogger outreach and engagement, from the BritMums founders:

“BritMums co-founders Susanna Scott and Jennifer Howze on creating the UK’s largest parenting blogging space, why PRs should never use the words “Mummy Bloggers” and how they can help brands engage with the site’s 8,000-strong community.”


Incidentally, lifestyle bloggers tell us a ticket to BritMums is often a very well-received offer to a lifestyle blogger!

Next week…

The team recently organised a blogger outreach seminar, which we invited influential blogger Leyla Brooke (@thisdayilove) along to discuss the best way for brands to approach bloggers. I’ll be sharing these insights here on the blog next week.

To receive next week’s blogger outreach and blogger enagagement tips for businesses and brands direct to your inbox, click here to sign up for my weekly blog.

Do you undertake blogger outreach campaigns on behalf of your brand?

What influence do you think bloggers have in your industry?

Do share your comments below!

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    1. […] week I talked about the rise and influence of lifestyle bloggers. We discussed what lifestyle blogging is, who the lifestyle bloggers are, and how and why […]

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