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My Top 10 Business Blogs

22 May, 2013
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Continuing my ‘top bloggers’ series, here is a round up of some of my favourite good business blogs, business bloggers and people who blog for B2B. As usual, there is a mix of well-known blogs and some bloggers you may not have heard of, both Yorkshire-based and national. I’ve tried to cover a range of areas, including corporate business, SMEs, HR, law, leadership and management, marketing and PR. See if you agree…

(1) Yorkshire Mafia began as a LinkedIn group and rapidly expanded into a huge online and offline network of the top business leaders in Yorkshire, many of whom are listed in Insider’s Top 100. It is unfortunate the Yorkshire Mafia blog isn’t updated more often, as it could quickly become THE place to go for business know-how. Would be good to see some women contributors though…

(2) Led by Victoria Tomlinson, Northern lights PR is one of the leading B2B communications agencies in the region. The multi-author Northern Lights PR blog covers a whole range of topics including business engagement, internal communications, social media and blogging, media relations and crisis management. Always insightful, Victoria and her team give practical examples and tips for senior business leaders.

(3) Blacks Solicitors is a Leeds-based commercial solicitors. Their team has specialists in a broad range of business, property and private law areas, including sports law, music, media and entertainment law and leisure and licensing. See interview with media law specialist Pete Bott here, with social media law insights and advice. The Blacks Law blog is not only authoritative and informative, it is also great fun to read, showing how a subject often seen as quite “dry” can be humanised and presented in an interesting and quirky way without “dumbing down”.

(4) For corporate business, trading and investment news, the Financial Times remains the ultimate authority, and the FT blog is no different. They say: “this blog is mainly about business and strategy and how and why people who run companies take the decisions that they do.” While registration is required, it remains free and is well worth taking a few minutes daily to scan through and stay up to date on corporate affairs.

(5) For a slightly more “left-leaning” business news round-up, the Guardian Business blog can be relied upon to unpick and analyse industry news with a no nonsense approach to uncovering the real life “effect on the high street”. The post-blog comments and discussions are often even more compelling a read than the blogs themselves!

(6) From broadsheet journalists to university academics, blogging allows everyone to share their knowledge online. A handful of forward-thinking universities are now seeing the potential of blogs for business engagement: Bradford University School of Management was one of the first and is now established and seeing results – just type “business blog” into Google! Covering topics as wide ranging as law, business ethics and banking, the Management Thinking blog is becoming an established authority on business management.

(7) Universities are now becoming a focal point for business partnership work. Sheffield Hallam University is one of the UK’s leading HE institutions for applied research and industry collaboration work. The new SBS Inspired Workforce blog covers learning and development hot topics, opinions and debates – it’s a great example of how academic blogs can do really cutting edge topics and useful business advice.

(8) The Huffington Post is one of the largest multi-author blogs, covering a huge range of topics. Within the business section, one particular blog really stands out for its creativity and authority in Human Resources: Claire Morley Jones, MD at HR180, has been blogging for over a year now, and her relaxed and humorous style brings the often misunderstood world of HR to life with good and bad practice examples and no nonsense, practical advice on topics like training and development, recruitment and people problems at work.

(9) The Yorkshire Institute of Directors brings together cross sector business leaders from across the region. The Yorkshire IOD blog, although rather neglected this year, has been a fantastic source of advice for Yorkshire SMEs, covering topics such as: the biggest problems facing small businesses today; when is a director really a director?; customer service and social media; and the new pensions system.

(10) For corporate news including investments and takeovers in the Yorkshire region, Yorkshire Insider has always been a key media outlet. The Insider website gives a daily rundown of the latest news and opinion pieces by Insider editor Richard Abbott.

So there’s my round up of the top 10 good business blogs for Yorkshire and the UK. Do you agree? Which ones have I missed?

I’d be interested to know your thoughts. If you blog for B2B, here’s your opportunity to shout about the great blogs you’ve read or written!

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