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My Top 12 Female Bloggers From London

17 April, 2013

Female bloggers from London

Following my Top 12 Female Bloggers In Yorkshire list, I took a look at some of the many great bogs written by females from our nation’s capital. As before, this is just a snapshot of some of the interesting blogs I found on my journey – I’m sure you could add many more, and welcome your comments on any great London blogs that I’ve missed!

Much like the sprawling landscape of London itself, there is an expansive land of blogs out there covering all sorts of topics about life in the Big Smoke. These ladies of London are placed in my top 12 list because they all have something in common: the ability to write engagingly; sometimes whimsical, sometimes fact-led, but always entertaining and informative.

  1. Diary of a Vintage Girl is Fleur de Guerre’s guide to all things vintage. Fleur guides the reader through the events and eateries of London, offers tutorial vlogs on vintage make up and hair styling (which I’m told are very easy to follow!), details on where to buy her unique outfits and great giveaways listed frequently too.
  2. Kira Gorman’s The West End Voice is an informative blog written about her love for the theatre. A student journalist and one of this list’s younger bloggers at the age of 19, Kira writes with passion and enthusiasm reviewing shows and interviewing cast members for an insider look at the stage.
  3. The London Perspective is written by Lanky Girl, a twenty-something living in London, and covers everything from fashion to food and cocktails to cake. A great blog for pop up events and spaces information/reviews and written with great relish.
  4. The Artsy Journalist is originally from Norway but now resides in London where her passion for art knows no bounds. A relatively new blog, it doesn’t scrimp on content and has recently covered the Bowie exhibition at the V&A, an enthralling article and an interesting read, just like the rest of her work.
  5. Sarah, author of Eats, Drinks & Sleeps, is studying for her Wine and Spirits Diploma while working in drinks PR, and she certainly knows her stuff. Blogging about drinks events, restaurant reviews and cocktail clubs, her articles are a goldmine for those looking for the best foodie events London. She even throws in a few cocktail recipes to get your taste buds tingling – the perfect accompaniment whilst reading her blog!
  6. The Lost Londoner is a quirky guide to travelling round the city, created by travel writer and Londoner, Kate. This personal and humorous blog aims to show visitors that there is a lot more to London than Big Ben and Westminster. This blog will particularly appeal to young urbanites looking for an unusual stay in the city, away from the usual well-trodden paths.
  7. Fashion designer Diana Kakkar documents street style in her blog Trend Bridged. Loaded with photos of well dressed London folk going about their every day lives, highlighting emerging trends in the fashion world, this blog is a veritable feast for fashionistas.
  8. Don’t Dance Her Down Boys is a blog about female fronted bands and female musicians. This blog combines a mixture of spotlighting emerging talent and paying homage to those more established. Featuring interviews, reviews, song picks and mixtapes, it’s a one stop site and is refreshingly written with intelligence, wit and humour.
  9. We Are The City is a fantastic resource for women in London looking for information and advice from other women. A variety of female bloggers cover a great range of topics; business, finance, dating, spiritual guidance and more. Written for women and by women these blogs are a wealth of great information and guidance for free.
  10. Jane’s London is about the hidden treasures that you might not see straight off when you’re out and about discovering the city. It might not be obvious when you’re wandering about to chance a glance at the doorknockers, mosaics, pub signs and coal holes, but if you follow this blog you’ll notice the hidden gems that stare you right in the face. Alternative tourism at its best, this blog gives the reader a view of how beautiful secret London is.
  11. Stephanie is an ex-pat New Yorker and Little London Observationist is her blog about the “little things” in London; reviews on eateries, sharing her own photography, highlighting street art and listing her favourite places. I love the Listen to a Londoner posts, they’re an original and interesting idea: gaining a different perspective of the city to your own is a great way to learn about the cultural melting pot.
  12. Deborah is Metropolitan Mum, she shares her views of motherhood in the big city. While a lot of the content is about family matters, there are also musings on fashion, food and everyday life. It’s a funny, warm look at life with children in London and the blog has grown in popularity along with size of Deborah’s family.

I hope this list has provided you with some insights and inspiration. Have you enjoyed the spectrum of blogs provided? It was certainly hard to whittle the list I had down to twelve! Are there any London blogs you would have chosen different to mine? Have you noticed a gap in the blogging market or have you been inspired by these ladies to start your own blog?

We’ll be moving from B2C to B2B for the next in the “top 12” series: I’m currently compiling my “Top 12 Yorkshire Business Blogs” so keep checking back – final list to be published in 2 weeks time!

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  • Yasir says:

    Thanks Jonny for nice collection off female bloggers.

  • Name *Diana says:

    Oh my God! This is such a nice surprise!
    Thank you very much for your very kind words!
    Love, Diana

  • Amanda David says:

    Some great suggestions, thank you!
    I’m going to be updating my blog weekly from now on – it would be great if you would take a look, hoping I can make your list next time! ?

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