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5 tactics to increase blog traffic

9 October, 2013

So you have a blog and you want to increase the traffic to your site. It is very easy to stress about the statistics your site is bringing in. Obviously increased users means increased business and in turn page rank increase in search engines.

If your statistics are dwindling, not converting into sales or you don’t know what you can do to boost numbers then this blog will talk you through a few tactics that can work for you. If you have advertisers interested in working with you but they need to see your numbers don’t panic. Here are a few things you can do to boost your blog.

(1) Make sure your content is what your readers will want to share.

When thinking about what to write also think about what you wold like to read when searching for your interests. Some readers will be more sharing than others so make sure that you engage with your community by giving helpful solutions to their problems rather than just an informative piece that has no beneficial gain to the reader. A tidbit of advice goes a long way. Use infographics, videos and images that will boost the readers confidence in what you have to say. Make sure your posts have the right share buttons on the blog to encourage readers to give the opportunity for their followers to read too.

(2) Get involved.

Search out communities online that speak about similar topics. Business and networking forums are a great way to boost your visibility as is using the listing directories such as StumbleUpon or DIGG. Showcasing via guest blogging is also a great way to get involved with businesses that compliment yours. These can often further or change into collaborative projects. Think about where your users will populate and go to actively seek them out. Set aside an hour a week to post on forums, directories or to participate in discussions. Make sure you take your links to promote further reading. This only costs time and therefore is great for a small/medium business to get noticed for FREE.

(3) Make sure you are using our SEO tips for blogs.

No matter which platform you are using it is essential that you implement a system in terms of increasing yours, your readers and the search engines knowledge. Using a regular system of keywords related to your business or blog theme will give an extra boost in the rankings. Use an SEO plugin to remind you to keep on top of this. If you need help drop us an email and we can help you further.

(4) Keep an weekly eye on your statistical data

Using analytics can help you to see what you should be writing abut. It will give you data on your most popular posts. Google Analytics is a great toll for keeping track of statistical data and is will give you a HTML code to place on your site or blog. By watching this data you are able to see where visits come from geographically and from which online sites. It is very simple to use and will show you many different sources that are responsible for pointing quality traffic to your pages or posts. The data will also show you how long each person spends on site – you want to aim for an average of 2-3 minutes as this means that they will be really taking in what you have to say.

(5) Create links to the best of others

Invite your readers to see who inspires you and why. Top tips and top lists are highly valued and the most frequently shared blogs online. Create lists of you favourite business and bloggers and provide links back to them. They will often return the favour by sharing your posts amongst their audience too. Website owners love comparative pieces so why not write a top ten every month of sites that will compliment yours and where there may be future possibility of collaborating or guest post swaps at a later date. This kind of blog earns attention and often thanks. Everyone has that competitive streak so to be named as one of the top in their field will be well received. in return make sure you share if you are added to any links or source data.

These are just a few of the ways you can boost traffic to your website or blog. Using these can give you repeated success. We want you to have a consistent stream of traffic that will be repeated users to turn into your customers.

We will be following up this series will more great tips to make your blog succeed. If you have any questions about what we have discussed in this blog, or anything to add to our 5 tactics – please leave a comment.

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