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Shout or Shout Back

With the advent of the internet, everybody has the opportunity to be a publisher.  It’s never been easier to share information, images, stories and articles.  For writers, this is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand they can use the internet to reach a much wider audience than ever before – on the other hand, with so many people “publishing” online it’s easy to get lost amongst the millions who are adding content on a daily basis.  There’s a new website from Cision called Seek or Shout that promises to help you “Connect, Collaborate and Communicate”.  I’m taking a look at both Cision and Seek and Shout to evaluate how useful this new tool is likely to be.

Communications and PR Strategy

Cision offers software solutions that were developed for Communications and PR professionals to stay ahead of the game and make sure that their story is heard.  Cision is a platform where Communications and PR professionals can find information and members of the media can find leads.  It’s a great place to find new opportunities whether you’re a solo freelancer or a large company.


Cision claims that the “world’s top communicators look to Cision to make sure their message succeeds”.


Cision has been in the news and PR game for more than 100 years – the company began life as the advertising department of Svenska Telegrambyran, providing press clipping services in Sweden.  The company went global after expanding throughout Europe and North America and now operates throughout the world.  Rebranded as Cision in 2007, today the organization claims to be the market leader in PR software and media tools.  With a commitment to aid communicators capitalize and engage with the Semantic Web of the future, Cision plans to stay ahead of the game by remaining committed to the principles of innovation that they have adhered to from the very start.

For PR professionals, Cision can help plan stories, monitor their media coverage (and analyze the results) and connect with their audiences through their CisionPoint software solution.

Seek or Shout is Cision’s latest offering – it’s a free to join online community that media and PR professionals can use as a platform for journalists, bloggers and other communications professionals to connect directly.  The plan is that Seek or Shout will be the space where the online community can connect with others and establish valuable relationships which lead to direct collaboration on blog posts, news stories and other projects.

Once you register on the website, you can create your profile and find others to follow by listing the tags that you are most interested in.  You can then use the Seek facility to find exactly what sort of information or help that you’re looking for.  If you have a story to tell, use the Shout option to share your article, blog post or information with others in the community to reach a wider audience.


If you’re having trouble getting started, there’s a YouTube video tutorial that will be of help (above, or if you can’t see it click here).  You could also press the Seek button and type into the search box “how to use seek or shout” and you’ll come across quite a few tips and articles and how-tos, either from the Cision team or from individuals keen to share how they’re using Seek or Shout.  You’re able to filter and sort the results until you come up with information that’s relevant to your needs.

While I don’t think that Seek or Shout is any great threat to services such as PRNewswire (or even Google News Alerts) for journalists looking for breaking news at present, it will be interesting to see just how effective this new service from Cision becomes in the future.  I have a feeling that this new platform has the potential to become one of the go-to places for PR professionals in the coming months.   I do think that the success of Seek or Shout will depend heavily on the commitment of its community – the more we resolve to use it, the more use it will prove to be.  So – come on, let’s get involved and make Seek or Shout a place that will be a valuable resource for all of us.

Do you think you could use Seek or Shout? Or maybe you are already using it, is so what do you use Seek or Shout for and how do you see it affecting the way in which you connect in the future?

  • Just looking through the posts on blog content and sharing and followed your link here. I know you posted in 2012 but did you ever go anywhere with this service? Did Seek or Shout work out for you and what are your views on these kinds of sites now ( which have become the most popular? )

    • Jonny Ross says:

      Actually I hate to say it but no I didnt, it didn’t really take off in the way they suggested it was going to. I think sites like this are powerful, but it is more about finding the right ones, a great community can be found on

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