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Top 30 Blog Post Ideas: Part Two

2 October, 2013

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Last week I shared with you the first 15 of my Top 30 Blog Post Ideas. This week we have another 15 ideas to provide further inspiration to help maximise your company blog potential and engage your readers.

As discussed last week, there are a number of reasons why blogging is good for business. In addition to improving your businesses’ SEO, blogs can provide brilliant and original content to be used on social media, and encourage click throughs and traffic round your website. Blogs also provide a great platform to engage directly with your target audience and if the content is good enough, position you as an expert and voice of authority.

(16) Lists

Using lists in blogs is a great way to communicate key points in an engaging way and enable the reader to navigate through and pin point key areas of interest.

(17) News

A blog focusing on current affairs or company news can be really interesting to industry readers, especially when you include your opinion or take on it. This also helps to demonstrate that you’re up to date and aware of key industry issues and news.

(18) Product reviews

Keep an eye out for new and innovative products launching in your industry that are relevant to the target audience. By reviewing these products or services, you not only create engaging content but can also help provide information. For inspiration, check out this eBook review blog I recently drafted about an eBook by Victoria Tomlinson at Northern Lights PR.

(19) Trend analyisis

Trend analysis is the practice of collecting information and attempting to spot a pattern, or trend, in the information. This can form a good basis for a blog if you can identify short or long term trends within your industry and help inform the customer about what they can do to help ‘buck the trend’ and increase profitability.

(20) ‘How to’ guide

A ‘how to’ guide saves the reader time and effort by giving them the information they need in one place. ‘How to’ blogs also receive a high number of hits. I regularly draft ‘how to’ blogs, such as this one on ‘How to rank highly on Google Search’.

(21) Twitter users to follow in the industry

Twitter continues to grow in popularity but it often takes a while to find the best people to follow. Why not help your customers and readers by making some helpful suggestions or doing a round up of influential ‘tweeters’ in the industry. This has been done recently by The Journal in Newcastle and is receiving a lot of coverage and local hype through Twitter.

(22) Survey/Poll

Similar to a quiz, a survey or poll is a great way to engage with your audience and show that their opinion matters. The results will also give you some interesting future blog content.

(23) Regular Feature

Many people like routine and familiarity, including your customers! So a regular feature focusing on a certain topic i.e. ‘Weekly round up of news in the manufacturing industry’ posted every Friday will often see your blog audience coming back to the site every Friday to read their favourite blog. I make sure I always post a blog every Wednesday so my blog readers know to expect it.

(24) Podcast

I am a fan of recording my thoughts on a Dictaphone so I can remember key ideas later on, and I know many of my peers do the same. If the recording includes content that is original and engaging, why not upload the sound file as a podcast.

(25) Presentation

Let’s not forget about the visual appeal of the blog. Where possible include pictures, bold headings and infographics to make your blog eye catching and engaging.

(26) Guest blogging

Guest blogging on good quality and relevant sites can really help to reach a larger and new audience, while also boosting your websites SEO and encouraging greater click through. I’ve recently started guest blogging for the Huffington Post and have had an increase in enquiries as a result.

(27) Recommend other blogs and bloggers

Sharing the blogs and bloggers you follow is never a bad idea. By sharing resources and recommendations to your readers, they will find your blog incredibly useful information pool and will keep coming back for signposting ideas. Being generous often reaps rewards in the long term.

(28) Invite your readers to submit guest posts

Ask people to write guest posts. It’s a win-win situation, you get the content and they can build up their name or brand.

(29) Top comments

Publish the best comments that your blog has received throughout the history: Are you using a vote system on your comments or just know the posts where some comments have raised very fruitful discussions? Share them in a separate post.

(30) Question and answer blog

Why not make a “Questions Monday” blog? Promise to answer all the questions your audience has. It’s a great way of encouraging engagement, finding out what your customers are concerned about, and getting feedback and comments.

Have you found this blog useful? Have you got any additional ideas abut how you can make a blog engaging and a must read for the target audience? Let us know!
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  • Hi Jonny,
    Really comprehensive post and I’d be reluctant to try to figure out whether you’ve missed any until I read “Part 1.” I’m imagining some of these could also be combined into hybrids? Like maybe a news post that incorporates a list? Say, “Top 10 social media developments this week” or “Top 5 takeaways from the Twitter IPO?”

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