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Leeds Business Week 2015 – Day 3

14 October, 2015

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to attend Leeds Business Week again this year, so after filling up my timetable with various events and seminars I was ready and raring to get going this morning!

IODThe day began, as every good day should, with a strong cup of Yorkshire Tea. I was able to catch up with Jonny about his day yesterday and he told me all about the ‘New Member and open house’ event hosted last night by IOD Yorkshire at The Old Broadcasting House. Jonny said that it was a fantastic event chaired by Greg Wright and featuring a really diverse panel which presented a great representation of the North. Whilst the majority of the debate was about the Northern Powerhouse, Jonny felt it was great to hear that everyone seemed to want the same thing. The debate also touched on another key area, women in business. Etta Cohen, who was on the panel, was extremely passionate about this and it was fantastic to see! All in all it was a great IOD and Leeds Business Week event. It was also fantastic to see the Twitter wall at the event, showcasing all those who tweeted using the #leedsbizweek!

The art of saying no! Why can it be so difficult to do so?

IMG_3729The first event of the day was Nick Girling – ‘The art of saying no! Why can it be so difficult to do so?’ Everyone, no matter what their walk of life or profession will know how difficult it can be to say no. Well, Nick Girling tackled this connudrum head on in his seminar today! The most interesting thing I took away from the event was that work related stress and ‘burning out’ has a direct link with the inability to say no. So how do we programme ourselves to say the hardest two letter word in our language? Start learning the difference between I can’t do this and I don’t do this. When we are able to focus on the things that do matter our workload reduces, we meet our own commitments and deadlines, improve our leadership quality and educate others to improve their behaviour.

To round up the event, Nick gave us each our very own ‘learn to say no’ tool and we were able to put our new found skills to the test in the form of some good old fashioned role play! A fantastic seminar which provided some excellent food for thought.

The 3 Cardinal Sins of Social Media for SMEs

IMG_3687Next up was ‘The 3 Cardinal Sins of Social Media for SMEs’ run by Freeformers in partnership with Vodafone UK.

The three cardinal sins of social media for SMEs are:

1. Ignoring context

2. Not having conversations

3. Not having control

This event featured some great real-life examples of how to use social media effectively but more importantly how to use it to engage and communicate with your audience. I particularly enjoyed the use of donuts to explain how to tailor your content for the right social media platform!

It was also great to see the explanation of some other tools to use in conjunction with social media platforms to enhance the user experience. In particular it was great to learn about:

  • Feedly to organise your newsfeed so you are able to keep your ear to the ground in terms of what is happening around the world
  • Pocket which allows you to save content to view later
  • RiteTag which analyses your hashtags and helps you find the right hashtags to use
  • Cyfe which is an all in one analytics dashboard

Twitter, Email Campaigns & Facebook

IMG_3714The final event of the day was the seminar, ‘Twitter, Email Campaigns & Facebook – Digital Marketing Round Up – Part 1’ held at The Leeds Club. It was absolutely brilliant to see such a great turn out for the event and even better to see everyone participating and asking questions. The seminar covered three of the key elements within digital marketing, Twitter, Email Campaigns and Facebook.

After sending out a survey before the event to gain a real grasp on what it was everyone wanted to learn, it was straight into the world of Twitter. One of the most common questions asked was how to minimise the white noise on Twitter and listen specifically to users that you want to hear from, rather than everyone you follow. The answer – use Twitter lists.

IMG_3723Next up was email campaigns and the key message here was learning how to ensure that your emails are opened but most importantly read . The answer – learn how to optimise your emails and be prepared to pay for your email campaign tools. As Jonny said, the moment you start paying for it, is the moment you can start seeing your statistics and these statistics are the key to email marketing success.

Finally, the whistle-stop tour ended with Facebook. Here Jonny spoke about the use of Facebook with regards to engagement. Gone are the times you could simply use Facebook without paying for anything –  nowadays there is a real shift towards paid advertisement on the platform and with good reason. The ability to be able to target specific individuals on the platform is astounding!

It was also brilliant to see Gary King after the event before his own seminar titled ‘Build the business you want and have your desired lifestyle’.

All in all I had a brilliant first day at Leeds Business Week and I am very much looking forward to seeing what tomorrow has to offer. In particular I am looking forward to seeing those who attended the event today at the second part of the digital marketing round up – ‘SEO, LinkedIn & Blogging’ held at The Google Garage at 9.30am – plus meeting new faces so please come and say hello!

It is truly inspiring to be part of such a brilliant event and it is great to be able to listen to such inspiring speakers who are so passionate about the work they do. Remember, we will be blogging all week on Leeds Business Week with not only our own highlights but also yours too! So tweet us @jrconsultancy and let us know your #LeedsBizWeek highlights for your chance to appear in our daily business week blogs. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the highlights of Leeds Business Week day 4.

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