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Leeds Business Week 2015 – Day 2

13 October, 2015

After such a fabulous day yesterday, I was extremely excited for another jam-packed day at Leeds Business Week – and today certainly didn’t disappoint!

As there is so much happening at the same time across the city each day, this blog features highlights from fellow Leeds Business Week attendees. Be sure to share your favourite experiences with us for your chance to feature in tomorrow’s blog!

‘Tweak your marketing leaks. Double your profits’ run by Bryony Thomas from Watertight Marketing

Bryony Thomas Grace Lenihan @GraceLenihan

Image courtesy of @GraceLenihan

The first event I attended was ‘Tweak your marketing leaks. Double your profits’ run by Bryony Thomas held at The Leeds Club.  It was a fantastic seminar and one of the many interesting things that I picked up was the importance of making it really simple for people to buy things from you – if you don’t, it would be like walking into a restaurant and there being no menu!

Bryony also talked about the importance of looking after new clients when they come on-board with your business. The most typical thing that many businesses do when they first secure a new client is send an invoice or an email with terms and conditions. However, most businesses don’t think about making their new clients feel welcome and definitely don’t think about setting the tone for the rest of their business relationship.

After the event, I met with Louise Lapish an Executive Career Consultant and Author of 7 Steps to career consciousness so it was not only great to catch up but also really great to see what key points she took from the seminar. Louise said she felt that the talk was delivered in a captivating way that was strategic, interactive, made you think about yourself but also made you look at yourself as a business. Louise also mentioned how she was extremely disappointed that she couldn’t get onto the Leeds Business Week Lunch which is being held on Thursday at Bibis Restaurant. Whilst this is disappointing, it also goes to show just how popular Leeds Business Week is and one of the reasons why you have to book early. However, it is fabulous for the Yorkshire Mafia that the event is full!

Louise also managed to attend the talk by Nigel Cliffe from Value Exchange titled ‘LinkedIn top ten tips on customer engagement’ held at The Leeds Club. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the event but Louise has provided us with her highlight from the event. Louise said that the seminar emphasised the simple things that she needs to do, and remind her clients to do, when it comes to LinkedIn. For example:

  • Personalising the URL on your LinkedIn profile
  • Re-ordering your skills on your profile
  • Driving views to your profile which can really help ensure your profile is found higher in LinkedIn searches

SelfieI also was fortunate enough to see Louise Turner from Your Virtual PR and it was a great opportunity to catch up. Louise also attended Bryony Thomas’ seminar and said that she felt it was actionable, provided excellent food for thought and felt that from a marketer to a marketer, Bryony spoke with lots of sense.

Louise was also thrilled to see her tweet appear on the #LeedsBizWeek Twitter Wall, which was at the Leeds Club all day today and all tweets that included the hashtag #LeedsBizWeek were shown, including my business week selfie! So make sure if you are out and about during the week to tweet using the hashtag to see yourself appear on the wall.

Louise also saw Richard Kimber present on ‘The Unforgettable Customer Experience’ which was an event that she said was absolutely fantastic and the key thing she took away was the idea that, “Effortless customer experience is designed’ – an interesting idea that definitely rings true.

Up, Periscope! Social media and your business by Chris Allen

Blacks CyberMum

Image courtesy of @TheCyberMum

Earlier in the day Chris Allen’s talk ‘Up Periscope! Social media and your business’ was held at The Leeds Club. The first thing to say about Chris, is that if you are looking for a model business Twitter account, then look no further than Chris Allen’s. Chris delivered a seminar this morning on all things digital, and whilst Chris is the Managing Partner of a law firm, he is also extremely savvy when it comes to everything digital. During the talk, Chris was giving away top tips and one of the key things he was talking about was the notion of Periscope, the new video streaming platform owned by Twitter. Personally, I believe this is something that is going to play a key role in digital and I think the fact that we can watch people live whenever, wherever, is taking the idea of ‘big brother’ to a whole new level. Periscope is definitely a platform to watch.

Chris took his passion for Periscope one step further today and carried out a live Periscope of his talk, not only broadcasting to the people in the room but also to the people watching live on Periscope. Leeds Business Week is an event that Chris feels extremely passionate about and he says it would be wrong for him not to be there – he is carrying out another seminar tomorrow ‘Top tips for managing a business’ so be sure to go along if you are not already registered!

It was also great to see Mark Evans from Banners and Mash and it was lovely to catch up with Justin Phillips and Emily Horner from White Cross Vets.

Justin attended the event held by Savvy Marketing run by Catherine Shuttleworth. Justin felt the seminar was intriguing – especially the fact that for purchases over £20 a staggering 8 out of 10 people price check the product before purchasing it to see if they can make the purchase elsewhere for cheaper. Catherine also mentioned that now is a very good time to be disruptive, over the past few months we have seen brands such as Uber doing just that. However, she also mentioned Under Armour, a brand that used social media and endorsements to effectively build their brand.

The Cyber Mum @TheCyberMum (Branded3)

Image courtesy of @TheCyberMum

Justin was also able to attend the talk presented by Stephen Kenwright from Branded3 who answered the question, ‘What is the future of SEO?’ Stephen talked about how the future of SEO is likely to be all about having fresh content but also about having evergreen content, so content that is quality rather than sheer quantity.

The last event of the day was the IOD Yorkshire event held at The Old Broadcasting House, which I was very much looking forward to attending and meeting with members old and new. To find out what my highlights were, make sure to check back tomorrow for the next Leeds Business Week round-up.

Richard Abbott @RichardAbbott

Image courtesy of @RichardAbbott

Once again I had another great day at Leeds Business Week, it is fabulous to see the city of Leeds buzzing with the talk of business. It was lovely to see some old friends and meet new ones too!

Remember – tweet us @jrconsultancy and let us know your #LeedsBizWeek highlights for your chance to appear in our daily business week blogs and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the highlights of Leeds Business Week day 3.

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