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How to run a successful charity social media page: 4 of the best charity Pinterest, YouTube, Vine pages

2 April, 2014


This is the third blog post in a three-week series on social media marketing for charities. In week one, we looked at how to create an integrated social media strategy. Last week, we moved on to talk about some of the best charity Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

This week I am going to share on some insights from a handful of the best charity Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn pages.


Pinterest can an interesting platform for charities to use as it’s all about striking visual imagery. The concept involves creating a Pinboard full of images that you have seen and liked, or your own images. The online community building tactics are similar to Instagram. Images should be tagged with appropriate keyword search terms so that site visitors can find them and follow you.

The WaterAid Pinterest page is a great example.

(1) WaterAid Pinterest page

Like with all social media, it is essential that your profile is 100% complete in order to get the full benefits. WaterAid has a complete profile and well-written bio.

WaterAid Pinterest

The WaterAid profile mixes images from various Pinterest pages, all themed around WaterAid’s current campaigns. For example, Beyonce stars in the new campaign for the H&M for Water swimsuit collection, with profits going to WaterAid. The images used in the Pinterest board are taken from various sources, from Heat magazine to fashion blogs. This demonstrates how one social media profile can link up with many other people/companies/organisations/charities and is a great way to create a network of followers.

But you don’t have to have Beyonce in your campaigns! Think about the partners you work with. What campaigns do you work together on? Could you be supporting each other and sharing more about each other online? Do you have images from your projects that you could share and “re-pin” on Pinterest?


YouTube has just celebrated its 9th birthday and is already a hugely influential social media channel. It is the second most popular search channel after Google and has this power to turn anyone into a viral movie star or director.

This next example demonstrates some great ways for charities to utilise this amazing social media platform.

(2) MacMillan Cancer Support YouTube channel

MacMillan uses its YouTube channel to provide followers with videos on many different topics, such as Macmillan Cancer Support stories, the events that are being carried out across the country, and… the Harlem Shake!

You may remember the Harlem Shake internet craze that swept the world a couple of years ago…

Click here to view the video in your browser

This video shows how that not everything you post needs to be directly related to the work that is being carried out or the people’s lives that you are changing, it can sometimes simply be something humorous that gets people talking positively about you.

(3) The END7 YouTube campaign

The next example is considered to be one of the best ever YouTube charity adverts, and within seconds of watching it is easy to see why.

(Warning: it is quite difficult to watch)

Click here to watch this video in your browser

Another point to note with the END7 campaign is how they have used YouTube to power Facebook. You should always be thinking: what can we utilise our existing communities and followers to help us achieve?

Vine logo

Vine is a social networking site that allows users to upload short (six-second) videos easily. Every user has a home page that they can upload videos to and gain followers on.

Vine was originally created by Twitter to encourage more rich content. The six-second limit encourages users to think carefully about how they can create a video which does what they want in such a short amount of time.

Vine ”lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos.”

(4) Diabetes UK Vine page

In this example, Diabetes UK have used Vine to specifically thank a donator. This is a prime example as to how you can use Vine and integrate it with existing social networks.

 Click here to watch this video in your browser

The badges down the side of the screen indicate that this particular video has been shared four times on Twitter and twice on Facebook, illustrating how Vine can lead to exposure on several other social networking sites.

Do you work for a charity that is developing its social media presence?

Have you used YouTube, Pinterest or Vine as part of your campaigns?

What have been your most successful campaigns using photos and videos?

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This blog post is based on a talk I recently presented at the Institute of Fundraising Yorkshire conference on the topic of ‘Creating an integrated social media strategy’. You follow the conversations on Twitter using the hashtag #IoFYorksConf


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