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Top 5 charity and fundraising blogs

11 June, 2014

social media for charitites

Which are the best charity blogs and why are they successful? This week, I’m sharing some examples of good charity and fundraising blogs.

Non profit website design should be given the same consideration as commercial websites in terms of engagement and income generation. The strategies may be different, but the end goal is often the same: to promote long-term engagement with the organisation in a way that benefits both the organisation and its audiences.

Offer donors something they can trust, interact with and believe in and they will reward you with either their time or their financial support. Often this is just as simple as explaining why what your charity does is so important and telling the stories of the people that it helps. Blogging is a great way to do this. I have therefore pulled together a list of five of the most popular charity and fundraising blogs, from which you can gain ideas for developing your own charity blog.

If you blog for charities, or you are considering setting up a blog for your charity, it is worth spending some time reading the blogs below to see how they engage their audiences and to draw some examples of good practice when blogging for charities.

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(1) Third Sector

For voluntary sector news, opinion and insights, the Third Sector blog is a great place to start. The blog is a hub of posts from a range of voluntary sector experts and leading practitioners, which – just like the magazine – are topical, interesting and insightful. The news stories can give you ideas on what to discuss in your blog.

(2) UK Fundraising

As well as being a great source of information on fundraising and the fundraising industry, I really like the way the UK Fundraising blog uses photos and video content to bring its stories to life. As I’ve commented on my own blog many times before, rich content is a great way to draw in new audiences, providing rich content to share through your other social media sites. And well thought out charity viral videos can – for a small investment – reach huge numbers of people.

(3) Just Giving

The Just Giving blog is an excellent source of information for fundraisers. While its primary purpose is to encourage more donations, it isn’t just a list of reasons why people should donate. It is packed full of practical fundraising tips and advice (including using social media to raise money), interspersed with inspiring personal stories and guest posts that show what it is possible to achieve.

(4) Fundraising Detective

Another great blog for fundraiaing advice is Fundraising Detective. Helen Beckett describes it on The Guardian Voluntary Sector Network blog as proving “ real, easy-to-read and practical fundraising advice” and comments that “the honesty is the most refreshing part … It’s uplifting to instead read candid advice and admissions from an in-house professional with no “hire me” agenda.”

(5) Charity choice

I’ve included the Charity Choice blog in the list due to the way it performs for organic search. It ranks highly on a number of related charity blog search terms.

The site is updated daily, which means there’s always plenty of fresh content for search engines to get their teeth into. Due to its aim of helping other charities gain active supporters and friends, it also has links to over 160,000 charities in its listings. Linkbuilding with good quality sites is an important part of search engine optimisation (SEO).

With fundraising ideas, charity news, volunteering opportunities, inspiring stories, health and fitness tips, ethical product picks, charity events and creative activities; the scope of the site is broad.

While the content doesn’t have the journalistic rigour of Third Sector, it is accessible and appeals to a popular general public audience.

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More information on social media for charities:

Here are some other great tips on blogging for charities from Seaneen Molloy-Vaughan, digital officer for mental health charity, Mind. Her personal blog, Mentally Interesting was nominated for a Mind Media Award, as well as being made into a Radio 4 drama.

Want to find out more on using blogging to engage new audiences and convert people to donors through blogging and social media?

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  • I’ve really enjoyed reading such a great article! Thank you for sharing, I’ve added some of the fundraising blog’s you’ve shared to my list! Another new discovery for me is Tony Charalambides fundraising blog, really enjoyed reading his fundraising articles!

    1. I’ve really enjoyed reading such a great article! Thank you for sharing, I’ve added some of the fundraising blog’s you’ve shared to my list! Another new discovery for me is Tony Charalambides fundraising blog, really enjoyed reading his fundraising articles!

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