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Facebook, blogging, LinkedIn and Twitter for B2B at Yorkshire Mafia: Social Media on Toast

23 July, 2014

yorkshire mafia social media on toast

I was delighted to be invited to speak at last week’s Social Media on Toast event, hosted by Yorkshire Mafia and held at The Leeds Club.

Over 100 people attended the event; around 10% charities and the rest businesses. It was a great crowd – proper networking with lots of lively discussions.

There were three speakers, covering Facebook, Blogging, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jonny Ross, Facebook and Blogging

I presented a 40-minute session on Facebook and blogging. Using charity and business case studies, I talked about how to bring Facebook and blog content from the online to the offline world: to get people talking about you offline as well as online and get real results. (Yorkshire Mafia is a great example of this!)

Some key ways to get more likes and shares on B2B posts are:

  • Include links to other great content (yours and other people’s)
  • Base your posts around questions that people will feel motivated to answer
  • Include images in your posts to grab attention
  • And always include a call to action (CTA)

Blogging should be at the core of any social media campaign. Blogging is the engine that drives the content you share through your other social media pages. Your focus should be on blogging first, and then you can think about what to post on other platforms.


Judy Parsons, Perfect Tribes: LinkedIn

The second session was led by Judy Parsons – see Build Your Perfect Tribe – (replacing Michelle Beckett).

She talked about three common mistakes people make on LinkedIn:

  1. Using it as a CV
  2. Having a useless image (should be a good quality photo of you smiling and dressed in work attire)
  3. And not having a call to action (eg how should people content you? What opportunities are you looking for?)

Judy explained the importance of an attention-grabbing headline. I would also add that it needs some keywords in there.

A couple of interesting facts about LinkedIn:

  • If you are an active user of LinkedIn, your profile is 4x more likely to be viewed and listed in searches.
  • LinkedIn says Industry Insights most popular feature of LinkedIn.

It was good to hear that Judy thinks there is a massive amount of value in engaging actively with LinkedIn groups. For me, that’s what LinkedIn is all about.

Judy also talked referred to Jill Konrath’s free downloadable guide, Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code. It suggests (according to sales research) that you should be on LinkedIn for 6-10 hours per week. I’m sure that’s the case to get maximum benefit out of it, but personally I’m not on it that long and I don’t think you need to be to get some value and new business out of it.

You just need to have clearly defined goals and have some automatic notifications set up so LinkedIn lets you know when certain topics are being talked about without you having to log in.


Asad Ali, Blacks Solicitors: Twitter

Asad Ali from Blacks Solicitors was on next, giving a lawyer and businessperson’s point of view on how to use Twitter.

Blacks are amazing on Twitter, but they are also great at writing content and blogging too. They really see the value of blogging, and invited me to come in and do a blogging workshop with them a couple of years ago on how they could increase their blog engagement. Check out Blacks Solicitors blog here.

He made some really good points, giving tips and advice based on what has worked for them. I tweeted them here.

What I found interesting was while giving a businessperson’s perspective on what worked for Blacks, he also talked about his legal opinion (ie be careful).

Asad Ali wrapped up by saying, what does all this generate?

  • Increased profile
  • Brand awareness
  • Sales leads
  • Showing you are knowledgeable in your sector
  • And – of course – money!


The whole event was a thoroughly enjoyable. It was good to see both new faces and old ones too. It is always great to meet Yorkshire Mafia people offline as well as online.

Thank you to Geoff, Becky and Nicola for inviting me to speak. I can’t wait for the next one.

If anyone has any questions about my content, please do get in touch.

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