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#BuyYorkshire – Yorkshire Mafia 2013 annual conference day 2

26 April, 2013

Following my blog yesterday on #BuyYorkshire Day 1, here is my take on Day 2! After an amazing first day at Buy Yorkshire, I was very excited to head back for round two.

Day two started with the unbelievable #billionpoundpanel, the panel was in a Question Time format, Jonathan Straight was chairing, Lawrence Tomlinson also there as was Carl Hopkins – the Secret Millionaire and lastly Michelle Mone OBE – CEO of MJM, the company that owns Ultimo.

What a brilliant Q&A session and what happens, I submit a question a week before, get asked to ask it and, yep I forgot my question!! Or was it a clever publicity stunt of mine as this got tweeted about and talked about on LinkedIn! (the acting classes paid off!)

I asked “From the famous phrase, ‘If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. At what stage does the panel believe ‘never giving up on a dream’ can be self-destructing.”

I think Michelle took a liking to me! She talked about how she uses social media to get products into shops. Rather than approaching retailers to take on new products, Michelle suggests creating the demand yourself first:

“Create a demand, excitement and theatre”


Once there is a demand for your products, retailers will want to stock them.

Michelle quotes one of her board inspirations as Rob Templeman, an incredible retail guru.

She was asked what businesses should put into a Twitter strategy?

“Give an insight into your personal life”


Michelle told us she gets more insight from speaking to her customers direct than she does from her from the customer service team. She also uses Twitter to engage in banter with high profile people.

Straight after the Panel I then saw Michelle Mone give a talk – the most humbling and inspiring story I’ve ever heard.

At the age of 11 she had 17 teenagers working for her in the fruit and veg industry!

She quipped “I’m still showing lemons and oranges now!” 😉 Age 15 with no qualifications she started her own business.

Quote from michelle:

“Work the hardest you can, play the hardest you can, but always give something back”


She says social media is only going to get bigger and it should absolutely be part of your business.

Lastly I went to see speaker Chris Brown – Senior sales manager at LinkedIn. I’ll go into details about some of the insights I gained here in a later blog.

Then I met with my client, Masher, from Banners & Mash for a strategic blog and SEO meeting!

Sorry I didn’t get round all the stands and speakers – I hope you all had as enjoyable and productive a time as I did at the event.

I want to extend my thanks to the Yorkshire Mafia team, especially Geoff and Becky for putting on yet again another amazing event!

I hope people used it correctly to engage, learn and enjoy. Watch out for my more indepth blogs on things I learnt at the conference! Don’t miss out subscribe for future posts now!

  • Greta blog as ever.. drop me a line – might need your help with something 🙂

    1. Greta blog as ever.. drop me a line – might need your help with something 🙂

      1. Jonny Ross says:


        You have my full attention 🙂

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