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7 easy ways to get your YouTube videos seen

9 September, 2015

YouTube Film Reel

The power, influence and reach of YouTube and viral videos have exploded over the last few years. The rise of the vlogger  has seen popular YouTubers getting millions of hits on their videos, with millions of subscribers eagerly watching and sharing the content online. Businesses are now getting on board, and using viral videos and video adverts online to great effect.

But if you’re starting out now, how do you begin to achieve that kind of reach? How do you attract more subscribers? Here are my top tips on getting more YouTube subscribers.

(1) Understand how YouTube ranks videos

My last blog post, ‘How YouTube video rankings have been manipulated’ explains this – and what you must now be doing to achieve reach and engagement with your video campaigns.


(2) Have a clear video title, description and tags

Like using SEO tricks to optimise a blog post, it’s important to know that these techniques can be used with your video to optimise it for YouTube search results. Your title needs to be clear and to the point, viewers should know the content they’re about to watch from the title alone. Video descriptions can be used to expand of the content, leading people in to view more like the opening paragraph of a blog. This is also a good location to place links to relevant websites and social networks.


(3) Tag the way you search

Tags are also important, both for website content and videos, and something which a lot of people tend to forget about. The best rule for video tags on YouTube is to tag how you would search. So for example, if I wanted to search for the music video to the UK’s 2015 Eurovision entry, I would search “Still In Love With You”. So the correct tag for the video would be “Still In Love With You” instead of “Still”, “In”, “Love”, “With” and “You”, as the user is most likely to search in phrases. By knowing and tagging the phrases your potential viewers are likely to search for, your video is going to more closely match the search and perform better in the search results.

If you also include the subjects your video covers in your tags, alongside any relevant subjects, as this could help your video be included in ‘relevant videos’ for other users’ videos.


(4) Transcribe your videos

Another good trick that is rarely used is to include a correct transcription for your videos. When you upload a video to YouTube, it automatically attempts to transcribe any speech, but often has trouble and the results are inaccurate. However, YouTube allows you to upload transcripts for your videos, and videos with correct transcripts not only allow your videos to be reach a wider audience, but also give them better presence in search results. YouTube uses video transcripts to rank the true content of your video, so an incorrect transcript may result in your video not showing up in relevant search results.


(5) Name your video file accurately

This one is up for debate on how much impact it truly has, but many agree that by naming your video files accurately could help your video gain more exposure than that are named more randomly. For example, a video with the filename ‘YouTubeTips’ is more likely to appear higher than a video with a file name of ‘Video006’. Even if the benefits are up to debate, as it takes just seconds to rename a video file, there’s little to no downside in doing this.


(6) Create and use relevant playlists

By sorting your videos into relevant playlists, you can help your video get seen by those who are most likely to share it. For example, if you’re a vet practice and you create video content with tips on how to look after your pet, then group these together into a playlist called ‘Pet Care’. Be sure to implement similar techniques as listed here when creating your playlist. Give it a clear name and description.


(7) Talk about your videos

One of the easiest ways to get your audience watching your content is to talk about it via channels already open to you. Do you have an established social media or blog following? Then be sure to talk about and promote your videos, leaving links so your audience knows where to find them. By creating a buzz on twitter, you can help your videos and channel grow. Include your YouTube channel link in your email signature and on your website too. You could also include highlight it on your business cards. As with any piece of new content you generate, the more the link is shared and discussed, by yourself, colleagues and contacts, the wider its reach and impact will be.


By knowing how YouTube works, from how it promotes certain videos over others, to how and why videos appear as they do in search results, you can begin to manipulate it in order to get more views and more people subscribing to your YouTube channel. There are, of course, other ways to get people subscribing to your channel, which we will be covering next time!

Are you already implementing these techniques to get your videos seen? Are you doing something different to what we’ve listed here? Share your tips and success stories in the comments below!

Keep an eye out for my next blog post on ‘gaining more subscribers on YouTube’.

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  • Good tips! Basically don’t do what that team did on the Apprentice last year, including no titles or tags, effectively making the video impossible to find!

    1. […] Read Liam’s next blog post on how raise your YouTube video’s visibility. […]

    2. Good tips! Basically don’t do what that team did on the Apprentice last year, including no titles or tags, effectively making the video impossible to find!

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