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4 Digital ways you can unlock new potential in over saturated sectors

29 September, 2016

In this age of communication and information, a strong social media presence is crucial for a business to stand out and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Social media can be utilised in an almost infinite amount of combinations, and skill and innovation within social media can be the distinguishing factor in an oversaturated market. 2016-09-26_1407

The fitness industry is experiencing a period of continuing growth, gaining 3.2% in market value in the last year alone. Gym membership increased by 5.3% leading to a staggering 9.2million people attending a fitness institution, and more and more people seeking out ways to improve their fitness, physique and quality of life.

Specifically, the Personal Trainer segment of the industry is extremely oversaturated, with many companies offering competitive rates to train and register as a PT (the Register currently stands at a whopping 13,777 registered PTs – and counting!). With such a need to brand and market the commodity service, social media is a key feature of differentiating one PT from another. While PTs are benefiting from social media variety, this is just an example of an extremely saturated segment finding new ways to express themselves and the individual added value of their business.

  1. Web Design

A well-built website and web presence, especially having undergone Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial. SEO allows a website’s ranking to improve organically through customised search metrics and strongly built links to rise to the top of the search engine. A well-crafted website is one of the first things that potential clients see, so is key to increasing brand awareness, reputation and visibility, while giving a chance to showcase the key factors of differentiation. Being easy to find and navigate allows potential clients to find and utilise your services in the sea of competitors.

  1. Consistent Branding Across Channels squash-793061_960_720

Choosing multiple social media platforms is a beneficial step for increasing brand awareness, but just creating an account on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. won’t cut it. A strong consistency needs to reach over each platform. While Vine will obviously differ from a Facebook post, with one being a short video clip, and the other offering a longer textual message, the tone of voice, imagery, branding and graphics need to be consistent.

  1. Content Creation

Links and social media presence are nothing without creatively crafted content for potential customers to engage with, share, remember and use when making their decision about who to choose as their service provider. The fitness industry is an especially lucrative example of creating compelling content that is relevant, informative, exciting and useful to the potential client. The ability to record workouts, to show progress pictures and to share imagery of the PT’s actual work with before and after photos of existing clients. If a potential client sees the results a PT can achieve, this testimonial is enough to persuade them to choose the PT as their service provider.

Ross Dickerson is a prime example of carefully choosing what to post, when to post it and of speaking directly to clients old and new. Through the rapport building on Snapchat specifically, he is able to connect directly to break through the competition and remain memorable in the potential client’s mind.

  1. Differentiation

Ultimately, success in marketing arises from the ability to create a unique differential factor that offers a sustainable competitive advantage from others offering similar services. The PT sector is an interesting show of uses personality and innate uniqueness to create differentiation. Vocational PT trainers CMS are prime examples of using a differential factor to offer something value-added to their clients. While specialising in training people as personal trainers, the website’s blog features in-depth musculature and anatomically-backed exercise tips. Rather than just stating what to do, CMS shows why you need to do it.

squash-793058_960_720While outlined for the fitness industry and the personal training sector, these social media rules ring true for all industries. Adapting the advice to suit the specific individual can pay dividends for continued business growth and the ability to stand out in ever increasingly saturated industries. To get ahead digitally, offers customised services, including social media management and search engine optimisation. Get in touch to find out how we can make you stand out in your sector.


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