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The different graphic design jobs

14 December, 2010

When you are knowledgeable in the field of graphic design, you have many employment and business options in front of you.

A graphic designer’s primary job is to arrange visual elements in some type of media. You can claim a position as an art director, creative director or production artist. You may specialise in different areas including photography, interactive design or illustration.

With your graphic design background, you are not usually confined to a single working environment. You can seek employment with a company and work for a specific industry or a couple of industries as in the case of design consulting firms or branding agencies. You may also work for a publishing or marketing company. Aside from employment, you could also start your own graphic design business, working freelance and independent.

Here are the specific positions that you can assume in the field of graphic design.

  • Creative Director or Art Director – you will be in charge of a creative team assigned to produce artwork to be featured in magazine, television, posters, online, billboards, etc.
  • Layout Artist – you will work with the structure and layout of graphic design elements to make them appropriate for printed media, as in the case of newspapers, brochures and magazines.
  • Logo Designer – you will create manually sketched or graphically designed symbols, which are set in a specific font, arranged in a unique manner, and feature distinct elements like colours and shapes. The logo is a graphic design that must effectively represent a company, organisation or product. As a logo designer, you can progress to become a brand identity designer. You will be more concerned with the public image of the company or brand you handle.
  • Illustrator – you will conceptualise and create illustrations that represent an idea or story with the use of graphic design images. You may draw images in two-dimension or three-dimension. You can proceed to become a technical illustrator that creates 3D images, storyboard sketches and moving illustrations used for animated productions, videos and commercials.
  • Flash Designer – with ample knowledge in Flash, you can become a web graphic design artist specialising in Flash design.

Other jobs in graphic design include photo editor, multimedia designer, photographer, repress technician, web designer, and many more. These are all open opportunities for you who have the creative mind, design sense, attention to detail, analytical skills, etc. To land the right job or business opportunity as a graphic designer, get the right training and education in the field.

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