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Making it Mobile – Mobile Websites a must have

19 August, 2011

While you might have a website that looks really professional and has been designed to give a good user experience, nowadays, unless your website actually looks good on a mobile phone browser, you could be missing out on opportunities.

We’re getting more mobile

uk mobile user statistics

In 2009 half a billion people worldwide used their mobiles to browse the internet and this is increasing on a daily basis with the constant improvements being made to smartphones.  Most people who use the internet to research shopping, restaurants and services actually do so via their mobile phone rather than their PC.  Many people nowadays are constantly using their mobile phones to find information while they’re out and about.  If they’re looking for a restaurant, they use their phone.  If they’re looking for the best place to buy a product, they’ll use their phone.  If they’re travelling and need information on how to get somewhere or transport timetables, they’ll use their phone.  Experts predict that by 2013 there will be 1.1 billion smartphones browsing the internet and there are new types of web devices (such as iPads, e-Readers and PDA’s) being released to the market every month. goes mobile

mobile website

This ties in nicely with our mobile website launch! Launched earlier this month is now easy to access and browse on the move.

It’s also well known that Google mobile search takes into account mobile usability, sites that are slow to load or difficult to navigate will inevitably loose rankings in Google mobile search. Whereas websites that are optimized for mobile (mobile SEO) will be the clear winners.

There are some easy ways to develop a mobile site, but a lot depends on your current website, your audience and what technology your website is built in. Because the JonnyRoss website is written in WordPress, introducing a mobile version was extremely simple, as we just had to install WPTouch a mobile plugin for WordPress.  The great thing about this plugin is that it’s easy to setup and has lots of options, it also gives the user the ability to switch between the versions with a simple toggle button in the footer.

Have a surf and let us know what you think!

Optimize websites for mobile

Make sure you look good on the move!

mobile website stats

With such a steep rise in mobile phones  and other mobile devices being used to browse the internet, it’s not enough anymore to have a website that looks great on the monitor of somebody’s home PC.  Nowadays, you need to make sure that your website is going to look good on the screen of one of these smartphones.  Commercial organisations all have to adapt their websites for the next generation Mobile Web so that they can gain an edge over competitors and offer their clients or customers a great browsing experience from their phones, iPads, e-Readers and other mobile devices.  In fact, according to Mobile Future Forward, a mobile thought leadership summit, mobile is set to have a huge impact on the retail sector in the near future.  This means that making sure that your website is optimised for mobile device use is absolutely vital if you want to stay ahead of the game.

Increased Opportunities

Forward thinking entrepreneurs will realise that this new mobile media offers a valuable business and marketing opportunity to engage their customer base and target them over a medium that is always at hand 24/7.  By establishing a mobile web presence and providing customers with a richer user experience via mobile devices it could be possible to increase turnover and grow business like never before.  Mobile internet device users are usually accessing the internet on the move and this can be a great opportunity for location based interactions with actual and prospective.

Having a mobile website that doesn’t look as good as it could will offer a poor impression of your company and potential customers might turn elsewhere when searching for goods and services.  So many companies are extending their services into the realm of the Mobile Web that the mobile advertising market is one of the fastest growing industries at present.  Business organisations need to take this on board and ensure that their audience is offered a great mobile browsing experience in order to maintain credibility and keep their marketing message and brand identity consistent with their other communication media.

Make a good impression

Optimising your website for the Mobile Web brings with it the issues of small screen size, device incompatibility and slower download speeds – these are all problems that need to be overcome in order to ensure that your website offers your customers a good enough user experience that they will return.  Some of the best ways of enhancing your website for mobile use include:

  • Minimise the number of clicks – this is a much bigger issue on mobile devices than on PC’s
  • Deliver specific information – mobile devices are more likely to be used for retrieving information than for general browsing
  • Reduce the number of kilobytes in each downloaded page.

3 key factors for mobile websites

One great way of improving the user experience is if your website allows the user to customise the website so that they only receive the information that they consider relevant to them.

A good mobile website will display relevant information that is quickly accessible by the user.  Commercial organisations need to be progressive and proactive in their mobile marketing strategy and ensure that their mobile website is user-friendly and that people can find the most relevant information quickly.  It’s also important that features or apps are easy to use and that people don’t have to spend time puzzling them out or learning how to use them.  Another matter to bear in mind is that mobile phone users don’t want their browsing/searching interrupted by adverts – this means that advertising campaigns delivered to a mobile device may actually backfire resulting in reduced rather than increased sales.

If you would like to discuss a mobile solution or mobile SEO for your own website feel free to get in touch with Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for 2011

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