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Is this the future of search?

29 June, 2011

It’s unlike Google not to scream loud when they launch something new, but it would seem they’ve very quietly rolled out a new website!

WDYL from what I can understand is a new service from Google that allows a user to search for one query yet get multiple relevant results from across all channels of the web. The one page includes results on photos, news, books, mobile, translations, discussions, maps, alerts, blogs, 3d views and much more. However it also seems the site is designed to get you using more of Google’s tools, with clever “click here” to view on chrome, or “click here” to email using Gmail etc.

Anyway it’s quite a cool site, and broad searches can be quite interesting! They clearly have work still to do, as right now searching “Google” returns no news results!


This comes out also at the same time as Google launch their latest challenge against Facebook, with “you”. You has only been released for a small selected number of users, and if you are in the lucky group you will find a “you” button at the top left of your Google search page. Having not seen it 1st hand myself all I can tell you is that from what I have read it’s very similar to Facebook with 4 main differences

  • Circles – allowing users to place friends into different groups giving the user the ability to push content to targeted clusters of friends
  • Hangouts – live multi user video conferencing allowing users to drop in and out of live chats
  • Huddle – group instant messaging
  • Sparks – a feature allowing you to connect with users that share similar interests

Let’s see if You manages to do better than Google wave and Google buzz, their previous attempts at challenging Facebook!

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