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Do follow and no-follow links affect SEO?

15 November, 2012


Why Google cares about links:

When a users searches Google, Bing or any search engine for information, the sites returned from that search in order of rank, some sites rank higher than others in the results. It is important that a business is visible as a top ranked google site as it achieves far more traffic for your site. The sites at the top of the results are those that use links as a way of achieving the front page on a search.

What are follow links?

A follow link has a special piece of HTML code that shows search engines such as Google to follow that link to it’s destinations. A visual way of seeing how a follow links looks would be

<a href=”“>Jonny Ross</a>

What are no follow links?

A no follow links shows the search engines that the link should not be used to influence a business/site/blog rankings within the search engines index. The reason that no follow has become an increasing concern is due to the buying of links to un naturally increase a page ranking.

How do you add a no follow link?

To create a no follow link you would change the coding in the url to:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Jonny Ross</a>

Google’s webmaster tools are handy to learn more on no follow links.

Can follow links affect my SEO?

They can indeed. Google and other search engines can start to see patterns developing and if the content or links seem out of place your site can be stripped of it’s page rank.

Reasons why you should use follow links.

For SEO reasons the value of a do follow link is high. Search engines use them to develop their ranking systems. Any link that specifies no follow is an instruction to the search engines telling them to ignore the link. Bookmarking is another great way to gain a do follow link – as discussed in our blog about increasing website traffic. Some favourite and easy to use directories such as Digg and Stumble Upon can help.

Reasons why you should use no follow links

No follow links can be useful too. Although theyNofollow will not be used to develop a ranking there are others way the can boost your business. By commenting on a blog post as your business leaving your business address you will find that this can prove useful for referral traffic. A lot of independent bloggers are using the no follow link but where comments are allowed you are still visual to the consumer.

Wikipedia uses the no follow link within it’s pages/information but is still a site with huge referral power. another great example of the usefulness of no follow links. No follow links also add trust factors to your business, so whilst they don’t directly influence rank, they do indirectly.

Should I approach people or comment for no follow links…

Natural activity is as important as mainstream SEO so finding place for no follow links can be fruitful and give an important balance to your follow links. Look at every link opportunity as that – an opportunity to put your business in front of other people. Both follow and no follow links increase your business awareness and although follow are imperative to your SEO no follow can be just as important to widen your reach.

Should you no follow on internal links?

The only internal links that should have nofollow are the pages of your site that are not as important to be listed high in search engines, for example your terms and conditions pages, or pages that are for login areas. This allows you to some extent manipulate the google spiders by keeping them on the pages you want to be ranked high for and stopping them waste time on pages that are not as important.

Continuing the debate….

So where do you go from here?

Follow links help boost your online profile and edge you website up in the search engine ranks. But no follow links are good for context relevant information and can help increase and also help produce a lot of referral traffic and trust.

We have to agree that a mix of both can be increasingly important to boost traffic to our sites as well as showing a natural growth of our readership.

To be aware of how you are setting your links to ensure the best google ranking and not being stripped of your ranking make sure you create a good balance with relevant links with relevant surrounding content.

So how would I play it? Well be natural about it, there are some elements of link building that need thought and care about where they are placed. If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.

When was the last time you thought about placing your links to aid your business growth? Feel free to link to this article wink wink! What are your thoughts on do follow and no follow links? Do you have any specific questions? Ask for below in the comments box and get yourself a nofollow link to your website in a matter or seconds! Find me on Ltd Twitter” href=”” target=”_blank”>Twitter and get to know me better!

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  • Madhushalini says:

    I’ve a question: Outbound links to authority sites should be no-follow or do-follow? Please reply asap.

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    2. Madhushalini says:

      I’ve a question: Outbound links to authority sites should be no-follow or do-follow? Please reply asap.

      1. Jonny Ross says:

        I would say good authority sites should have a follow link – thanks for stopping by!

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