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5 of the best 2015 Christmas TV adverts and viral videos

23 December, 2015

Christmas TV

Like the Coca Cola lorry, the annual rollout of Christmas adverts is something that we all look forward to and, to many, symbolises the start of Christmas.

We’ve been feeling very festive throughout December, not least at the team Christmas meal (our homage to the paper hat is clearly visible below!). team Christmas meal 2015
The 2015 Christmas TV adverts may have been out for a little while now, but we wanted one more chance to watch them all and enjoy feeling festive.

Here is a run down of our five favourite Christmas adverts 2015.

(1) Burberry – ‘Celebrating 15 years of Billy Elliott’

Burberry pulled out all the stops this year with a star-studded cast for this homage to Billy Elliott. Featuring Romeo Beckham, Sir Elton John, Julie Walters, James Bay, George Ezra, Michelle Dockery, James Corden, Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley all throwing shapes in Burberry clothing, the video celebrates fifteen years since Billy Elliott was released.

For star quality, this advert takes the crown. Burberry’s celebrity endorsement campaign is sure to reap rewards from the ‘cool’ brand associations here.

12m views (30 Dec)

Watch the video on YouTube

(2) Sainsbury’s – ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’

Sainsbury’s has unveiled its Christmas ad, which features a CGI version of Mog the cat, the character from the popular children’s book series penned by author Judith Kerr.

Despite the fact that Mog causes calamity and destruction (including a house fire the night before Christmas, you can’t help but sympathise with this rather cute accidental liability. Titled ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’, this full length three and a half minute video has to win the award for the most adorable Christmas advert this year.

28m views (30 Dec)

Watch the video on YouTube

(3) Sky Movies Christmas advert 2015

A perhaps lesser-known Christmas advert this year – but with no less effort spared on the production – is the offering from Sky Movies.

The scene is set with a common problem: what a child should do with their unwanted sprouts when mum has said she can’t watch movies until her plate is cleared. This clever video encapsulates elements from many famous family movies, and our protagonist manages to dispense with her sprouts, while meeting her favourite movie characters. Featuring Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cinderella, Big Hero 6 and Night At The Museum 3.

Almost 400k views (30 Dec)

Watch the video on YouTube

(4) John Lewis – ‘Man on the Moon’

A vote in the office awarded John Lewis the title for best Christmas advert again this year. Always eagerly anticipated, the John Lewis adverts never disappoint.

In this year’s #ManOnTheMoon, a young girl who spots the ‘man on the moon’ through her telescope and sends him a gift of his own telescope so he can connect with people back on Earth. He sheds a tear when he manages to see her through his telescope. The John Lewis message is that it is important to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them this festive season.

23.5m views (30 Dec)

The soundtrack to each Christmas advert is almost as eagerly anticipated as the advert itself, and popular viral videos and TV adverts can make chart hits out of unknown songs.

Norwegian teen singer Aurora lent her voice for this cover of the Oasis song ‘Half the world away’. Such was the ad’s impact that the Oasis song, never an official single, actually charted for the first time.

(5) Aldi Telescope Christmas Advert 2015 (John Lewis Spoof)

We couldn’t let the Aldi spin-off version of the John Lewis advert go without mention. While the main Aldi 2015 Christmas advert #AldiFavouriteThings concentrated on the traditional family Christmas meal, the “Aldi telescope” advert spoofed the John Lewis advert with a spin on the price comparison TV adverts Aldi has become famous for.

While ‘Aldi Telescope’ may not win any technical or production awards, it was our favourite for pure comical value. The fact that Aldi managed to create and share this advert so quickly after the John Lewis one was released also deserves some recognition. And it shows that timing can be everything with viral videos on social media. Watch, laugh and enjoy!

2m views (30 Dec)

Watch the video on YouTube

And if you’re a fan of Jean “I like gin” who flies to the moon in the spoof advert, you may also enjoy ‘Jeans Speech’, published on December 18. Back from the moon, Jean delivers her festive message just in time for Christmas! Watch the #JeansSpeech video on YouTube.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Christmas adverts as much as we have.

Merry Christmas from the team!


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