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Enjoying a fabulously motivating second day at Buy Yorkshire 2017!

19 May, 2017 buy yorkshireFollowing on from a lively day one at Buy Yorkshire 2017, the team gathered bright and early at the Royal Armouries in Leeds to set up our stand for day two. The morning began with another interview with Radio Leeds, discussing the event and many of its highlights.

Jonny was delighted to have a chance to speak with Alastair Campbell, prior to his talk about mental health in life, work and politics. Although also disappointed he wasn’t able to see the esteemed journalist and author deliver his talk, as he was presenting on a different stage at the same time!

Jonny Ross Alistair Campbell Alastair Campbell

In what was, by all accounts, an inspiring talk, Alistair Campbell spoke of his well-documented time as Director of Communications and Strategy during a key chapter in British politics – sharing some very personal stories about his own experiences of suffering a breakdown while at work. The Yorkshireman gave an insightful account on the impact that power and responsibility from both government and corporate perspectives, has on mental health in the Jonathan Straight

Jonathan Straight

Award-winning entrepreneur Jonathan Straight, founder of Planet Straight and a frequent speaker at Buy Yorkshire, gave a really interesting presentation based on his extensive research into biblical characters of exceptional wealth, how such characters are relevant today, and what we can learn from them.

Kim Leadbeater

Another inspiring speaker on the second day of Buy Yorkshire was Kim Leadbeater, sister of the late MP Jo Cox. Kim Leadbeater spoke passionately about the #MoreInCommon campaign, designed to draw communities together, and how the business community can play its part in bringing communities closer Kim Leadbeater

Using digital to drive organisation growth and change

Amongst the stirring line-up of speakers on day two was our own MD Jonny Ross. Jonny delivered a well-received speech, which centred on two main topics – the tools required for organisational growth and how businesses can use digital to grow their sales funnel.

Drawing upon his own experience of developing a one-man start-up into a full service digital agency, Jonny spoke of the primary tools and digital technology designed to create productivity, greater efficiency and ultimately promote organisational growth. Some of the tools Jonny discussed during his Buy Yorkshire presentation, are highlighted in our blog on the ‘99 top tools for digital marketing strategy and ROI.’

Jonny also went into detail on how businesses can alter their digital campaigns to either create a high-volume sales funnel (eg through social ads), or a lower volume but longer term sustained funnel (eg through organic content marketing).

One important point Jonny raised was how digital insights and data on the customer journey allows us to be able to challenge the briefs businesses give us, to ensure we deliver the approach or campaign that will give them the best results.

For example by triangulating Facebook advert engagement data with Google Analytics website tracking, we could see for one of our clients that the demographic they were focusing on, while being the biggest segment in terms of numbers, were clicking through but not converting as frequently as a smaller segment. So the smaller customer segment was more profitable for this client. This information could then be used to refocus their content strategy Jonny Ross

By offering a full and honest strategic digital solution, ensures we deliver results rather than simply acting on the brief given. In another recent example, a client asked us to run a lead generation campaign to fill their funnel, but on finding this organistaion already had a list of 10k contacts they weren’t doing anything with. We refocused the campaign onto list marketing – encouraging them to first look at the relationships they already have to generate growth, before chasing new ones.

Seven steps to digital heaven!

Jonny always likes to encourage interaction and participation from the audiences he presents to, and Buy Yorkshire 2017 was no exception!

Whilst Jonny engaged with all the comments from the audience, one comment a member of the audience made during his speech that especially struck a chord with Jonny, was the suggestion that Jonny’s talk should be centred on something along the lines of the ‘Seven steps to digital heaven!’

These underlying strategies, designed for nurturing organisational growth, are based on the following seven key steps:

  • Know your customer
  • Attribute your customer database
  • Choose your target audience
  • Build your strategy
  • Apply your strategy
  • Analyse the data outputs
  • Review and renew your strategy

The steps should be a circular process, going from one to Jonny Ross Simon Williams Jonathan Straight

As Jonny was busy on stage, the rest of the team was occupied at our stand, which, again was bustling with a hive of activity all day long! Thanks again to everyone who stopped by for a drink or a chat with us! It was great to meet so many new people and we loved finding out about you and your businesses, and talking through your digital challenges.

We had lots of enquiries about our forthcoming courses, including the 1-day digital marketing masterclass on social media and SEO with Jonny Ross (running in June, September and November) and Running brilliant digital campaigns: Monitoring and measuring success with Google Analytics (spaces available in July, October and December).

To conclude, we would like to say a special thanks to Jeff, Kate, Alice and Idris and the Yorkshire Mafia for organising such an inspiring, creative, well-organised and friendly business event. We would also like to thank Jane Clynes, Hannah and Becky for their tremendous organisational efforts for the exhibition, and also to Banners and Mash for supplying us with fabulous signage for our eye-catching stand.

Here are a copy of the slides that Jonny Ross shared during his presentation:

Using digital to drive organisational growth and change from Jonny Ross

For more digital marketing tips and advice, make sure to sign up to our blog. Buy Yorkshire

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