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Effective e-commerce and website design for international companies targeting UK customers

14 August, 2013


I recently talked about the opportunities for international businesses to use social media to connect with UK companies and clients.

This week, I’m going to talk in more detail about how international companies can use website design for ecommerce websites to target UK customers.

A keen advocate of social media, utilising existing relationships and business networking has meant that I now have a number of international clients and contacts in the US and Australia who use my expertise in ecommerce website design to target UK customers (many of my services for clients past and present include website design for ecommerce in US and ecommerce in Australia).

For example, I am currently working with a start-up requiring site design for e-commerce in Australia, powered by a SEO/Blog /Social media campaign and a client requiring website design in Ireland. When it comes to the services that my consultancy offers, we really are operating on a global scale.

Our clients, both global and based closer to home, trust in us and know that we are readily available, whether it be at the end of the phone, email, video conferencing or skype – distance is no factor and I would encourage any business considering our services from website design in Australia or e-commerce in US or indeed beyond to read on and get in touch.

Fundamentally, I understand the importance of earning from your website and how to maximise its design, functionality, look and feel to, in turn, maximise financial return, encourage repeat custom, generate sales leads and position you as the first choice above potential competitors.

Simply put, I want to make sure that my clients are going to be extremely profitable. The first crucial stage is e-commerce Website Planning.

At, we look at your aims and objectives, form a strategic plan and assist you all the way to executing the plans.

First and foremost, a business should ask itself: What do I want the site to look like?

Since the website that caters for business transactions, it should be built to compel visitors to buy your products.

The site should make life easy for your target market. The three-click rule applies: If you want clients to get the thing that they are searching for with just three or less clicks. If it takes them more than that, they will potentially give up, lose interest and more than likely look to purchase the good elsewhere. The site’s interface must be a prime subject in the plan.

Secondly, you need to consider: Your Target Market

Also a big factor you must take account in your business is the audience. Thorough research of the target market will identify who will buy your products and what design you must apply. For example, a site where young women aged 20-30 are your key target audience will look very different to one targeted at men in their sixties.

Will Special Features Be Necessary?

Depending on the product you are selling, there might be a need to infuse special features to your e-commerce site. Identify the features or functions you consider to be most important and add them into your site.

Site Development

Clients always want new and fresh things to see. Your e-commerce site must be filled not only with product and product information but also relevant information, this helps to add personality and a voice to the brand. For example a blog or article resources page would make the site more interesting and would therefore influence people to buy your products or avail of your services.

E-Commerce: Customer and Your Business

Once your e-commerce site is live, maintaining it is half the job, to help customers with this we actually offer a number of different CMS (content management systems). This includes order management, product management, reporting and many more features.

The other half of work will come on building business relations with your clients and also driving traffic to your e-commerce site in the first place. This is the more important part of maintaining an e-commerce business as without customers – you don’t have a business to run.

Good customer service is key and by that I mean keeping on top of phone-calls and emails from clients, ensuring orders are shipped promptly and within the designated time frame and above all, delivering an unbeatable level of customer service – this is what will set you above the competition.

So, let’s say you’re now up and running – what can be done to continually improve your site’s visibility and SEO ranking?

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to ensure the site has a blog section. Not only will customers find the blog interesting, gain greater insight into the service you offer and industry in which you operate while positioning you as experts and thought leaders, fresh content that is regularly updated works wonders for your SEO ranking which can only be a good thing.

Watch my video on SEO for ecommerce websites:

Are you a business that is looking to expand online?

Need advice on how to create an engaging and successful e-commerce site?

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