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Easy ways to implement video into your marketing strategy

22 June, 2017

Video marketingGuest blog post by video production associate, Adam Chandler

People often approach us and think that creating a video or animation is going to be one of the most difficult things ever. They think it will take time and cost huge amounts of money… but those people couldn’t be more wrong!

As I mentioned in ‘The power of a strong video marketing strategy’, the return on investment from video communication and video marketing can be huge. Here are some easy ways that any business can implement video into their marketing.


Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are probably some of the most powerful forms of marketing out there. I always describe this as ‘your current customers winning you new customers’. If you have a client that is prepared to go on camera for you (most people’s version of a nightmare!) it can speak volumes for your business! See the example below I created for

The most amazing thing is that people love to help one another – all you have to do is ask. We’ve never had anyone say no!

Video blogs

I’m always hearing you can build an audience through blogging and that it drives ‘x’ number of visitors to your website. But on the other hand, I hear that 85% of people would rather watch a video than read text. So why not have the best of both worlds by creating video blogs?

These are short videos with snippets of information that you want to get across to your audience in a short, concise and engaging way. A blog may take someone five minutes to read, whereas a video blog may take them just 60 seconds to watch, and you can convey more information to your intended audience in a more engaging way! A lot of the large social media news companies such as The Lad Bible, Vice and BBC News use this form of video.

Behind the scenes videos

Show people behind the scenes of your business, the human side. The side that they would normally never see such as the laughter, jokes, meetings and secret places that nobody knows of! This drives engagement with your audience and in video form is much more appealing for people to look at.

For example, if you’re a florist, why not show the process of putting a bunch of flowers together? You could even show people exclusive behind the scenes shots of an event that you may be hosting or attending. This can be a great way to get involved with any events on social media.Video marketing


There’s so much that you can be doing with video. These video ideas can be implemented by any business and shared on social media, your website, blogs, email campaigns and much more. Video is versatile and the rewards can be easily reaped if done correctly.

Do you have any easy ways to implement video into your marketing strategy? We’d love to hear! Why not comment below or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook?

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