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25 fantastic website content creation ideas

28 January, 2015


Even the most creative business bloggers can get stuck in a rut or run short of ideas sometimes, so let’s look at ways to keep things new and fresh. Following on from my previous blogs and Helen Robinson’s guest post on blogging back in November, I’ve listed 25 ways to write for the web and create attention-grabbing new content.

  1. Photo posting: Whether it’s of your local area, your business or a product, a photo is a great quick and easy way to post if you have a busy day.
  2. The interview: Interviewing someone in your industry can be a great way of pulling in new readers, especially if they’re a high profile figure.
  3. Guest blogging: A guest author on your blog is a fantastic way of getting other views of your industry. Everyone approaches their business in different ways and a post like this could open you up to new ideas as well as new readers. Ask guest bloggers to share through the blog through networks to increase reach and impact.
  4. Blog list: Creating a public list of your favourite blogs or blog posts by other industry is not only a great way to generate new ideas, it makes other bloggers aware of your blog too.
  5. The review: Review a service or a product that will be of interest to your readers. Write about your likes or dislikes and rate and recommend it.
  6. Experiences: Write about your experiences in business, the challenges you have found, the successes you have achieved. Personal experience goes a long way.
  7. Case Studies: Write about your clients and projects. As well as giving added value to clients (highlighting their successes, profiling their products and services and linking back to their site), this type of learn by example post is great for those looking to you for advice.
  8. Popular culture: If you can put a spin on TV, film or pop culture you’re always on to a winner. Shows like the Apprentice are great for businesses to write about. For example, this blog post on the 2014 Apprentice candidates’ Twitter profiles.
  9. Trends: Check out Google trends and see what’s trending on Twitter to find out what people are searching for and to show your readers your finger is on the pulse.
  10. Past posts: Looking back to your previous posts and compiling a list is a great content idea when time is short, and helps direct new blog readers to popular old posts. Just “top and tail” with a relevant paragraph to the beginning and end, and away you go!
  11. Alerts: Use Google Alerts to find out what’s happening in your industry and post about news as it happens.
  12. Ask for feedback: Have a new service or product? Then ask for feedback after showcasing it. Contact industry bloggers to let them know about your new products too. With any luck, they’ll give you a mention on their blog.
  13. Stick to the seasons: festive posts at Christmas, something spooky at Halloween, readers love seasonal posts.
  14. Events: Post about an event you have attended, spoken at or exhibited at. An inside look into a large event is always a good read.
  15. Vlog:  Make a video blog responding to a question on your social media accounts.
  16. Turn negatives into positives: Complaints may happen from time to time but address them in your blog, show customers you take them seriously, take them on board and show them the solutions you’ve found and the steps you’re willing to take to improve.
  17. Response to Research: Found some papers on your industry? Link, review and give your feedback on their findings.
  18. Free download: Whether it’s an ebook you’ve created, a guide, a graphic or a recipe; offering something free to your readers will increase traffic and encourage sharing through social media.
  19. Retweets: Look at your social media to show you what is popular with your followers. By understanding which tweets get the most traffic, you’ll be able to tailor your SEO for blogs.
  20. Memes: While you might not want to post them, commenting on trending social media memes is a good way of increasing traffic through SEO. Know Your Meme is a fantastic website for reviewing trends.
  21. Serial content: Write a two or three part advice series with your expertise.
  22. How to: Write about your skill set, people read your blog to learn.
  23. SEO: Undertake keyword research using sites like Semrush and see what people are searching for online. You can also start typing questions into Google and wait for the drop-down pre-fill to tell you the most common searches. This will help guide your content, finding keywords searched for in real time and others you may not have thought of.
  24. Feature blogs: Creating a weekly or monthly feature on your blog will bring readers back and create anticipation amongst your readership.
  25. The curveball: Write about a controversial subject with the intention of making good, but be careful with this one!

If you’re stuck for inspiration or you’d like to learn more about SEO blogs, please get in touch. I am an SEO consultant, a social media expert and I can help you create content plans to get your website traffic flowing.


Remember content management is key to success when it comes to your online presence. So whether it’s a diary, calendar or spreadsheet – open those content management systems and fill some space! I like to make quick notes or audio recordings on my smartphone when inspiration hits, it’s a great practice to get into and perfect for recording those moments on the go.

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